How To Toast A Bagel In The Microwave? How About Frozen One?


If you are a busy person, a bagel is a perfect dish for your breakfast and brunch, paired with egg, butter, cheese, or jam. This bread belonged to the Jewish community in Poland before becoming popular worldwide through fast food stores and supermarkets.

Most people buy a lot of its packages at once to always be ready for their hungry stomach. Therefore, if you know how to toast a bagel in the microwave, your meal will be faster and more delicious.

This article will provide you with the right guide and tips to have a delicious baked one. Keep on reading for the more useful information!

How To Toast A Bagel In The Microwave?

How To Toast A Bagel In The Microwave

Firstly, you must know that each microwave may have different adjustment buttons. Thus, it would be best to choose the lowest temperature to heat the bread first, except for defrosting mode. Then, when you experience it, you may increase the suitable mode for both your microwave and bread. Here are the steps you need to take when reheating it:

  • Place the bread on a microwave-safe plate
  • Drizzle some warm water over it to prevent it from drying out
  • Place the plate in the oven and reheat it for 30 seconds
  • Use kitchen gloves to take out the plate and test its temperature. It would be best to put your hand on it about 5 – 10 mm away to test the warmth and avoid burning.
  • If it’s still not warm enough, you can reheat for another 30 seconds.

Can You Microwave a Frozen Bagel?

Yes, you can completely re-baked frozen ones for a longer time. It means that you may keep the same technique steps as above.

Bagels left in the freezer for a long time may accumulate a lot of water inside, so it can make the loaves of bread mushy. Then, after the first 30 secs, you should turn it upside down and warm for another 30 secs. 

If there is a lot of water around it, you should use a clean paper towel to absorb it. You can repeat this process twice until it’s crisp like you expect.

Tips To Microwave Bagels Safely

Slide Bagel

Slicing it in half, then the heat radiates more effectively. You should turn the cross-section facing up and reheat for 10 seconds. Then, it is easy to spread butter or cheese and enjoy it.

Tips To Microwave Bagels Safely

Use Paper Towel Wrap

A paper towel may absorb water from heating the bread better than waiting for evaporation. This method will support your dish not to be soggy because the paper towel will absorb the moisture immediately.

If you want it to dry out a bit, you can warm it up for 20 seconds at the highest temperature after wrapping it with a paper towel. Then, it would be best if you let it cool for about 30 seconds before removing the paper.

Use Special Container

You can use some special items to reheat the bagels, like a pizza pan or a container with a lid. Thanks to their special structure, you may bake a crispy, delicious meal without being mushy or burnt.


So the question: “How to toast a bagel in the microwave?” got the answer. You only need 30 secs for a room temperature bread or 60 secs for a frozen one and turn it over.

Bagels combined with a slice of butter, eggs, and ham can be the perfect breakfast or with fruit jam for a simple snack. Do not forget to cut it in half; use a paper towel or a special container before toasting.

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