How To Defrost Salmon In Microwave – Guide In Great Details


After a tiring workday, you want to prepare a nutritious, quick dinner with salmon. But all of a sudden, you notice that your salmon piece is still frozen, just like ice.

What choices do you have in that case? Even when frozen, salmon maintains its nutritional value. So, you can easily defrost salmon in microwave to prepare it to cook without spending too much time. The article below will also give you detailed information on how to defrost and tips to know.

How To Defrost Salmon In Microwave

Can You Defrost Salmon In The Microwave?

Yes, you can defrost salmon in microwave. Salmon should be placed in a microwave-safe dish or container and covered with foil or a lid. As the fish defrosts, this will help keep it moist.

Microwave defrosting is quick, taking only three to five minutes. It depends on the thickness of the salmon.

You need to remember that while defrosting, you must flip and rotate the salmon continuously every 30 seconds. That aids in even heat distribution, allowing the fish to defrost evenly on all sides without overcooking it.

Can You Defrost Salmon In The Microwave?

When the allotted time has passed, and some ice crystals are still visible, place the salmon dish in microwave at room temperature for five more minutes to let the salmon completely defrost.

Why Defrost Frozen Salmon In Microwave?

Defrosting salmon in microwave is safe and saves you a lot of time. When compared to defrosting in cold water or the refrigerator overnight, defrosting in microwave is quicker and easier to do. It’s great that you apply this quick method if you don’t have too much time.

After defrosting, proceed to process immediately. Please do not leave it for 2 hours to prevent the development of bacteria and preserve the fish’s freshness.

How to Defrost Salmon in Microwave?

Defrosting salmon in microwave is a great way to defrost if you don’t have much time. That is a method to help you defrost fish quickly and conveniently to prepare a meal.

Before putting the salmon in microwave, you must determine its weight. After that, put the salmon in a microwave-safe dish or container and press the microwave’s “defrost” button. Please wait for the microwave to finish its work.

One important notice, to prevent the fish from being cooked in the microwave, we need to keep an eye on the fish regularly, set the timer for just 1 minute, and continue for another 1 minute until the fish is completely defrosted. That helps to avoid the risk and waste of fish, especially for premium salmon.

Normally, salmon will be defrosted for about 5 minutes. So, often check the fish for quality and defrost it, not cook it. When the fish is malleable, cooled, and no longer warm, stop the defrosting process.

How to Defrost Salmon in Microwave?

How Long Does It Take To Defrost Salmon In Microwave?

The microwave defrosting method is perfect if you only have a short time to defrost salmon. That is the most time-saving defrosting method compared to other traditional defrosting methods.

Salmon takes 3 to 5 minutes on average to defrost in the microwave. Furthermore, how long it takes to defrost salmon will depend on several other factors, such as the thickness of the salmon, the number of pieces of fish that need to be defrosted, and the weight of each piece.

Another factor is the capacity of the microwave. Depending on the power of the microwave, the defrosting time will be fast or slow. Don’t forget to select the “defrost” function when you microwave salmon because if you use the normal heat setting, the salmon will be cooked without defrosting.

Tips For Defrosting Salmon In Microwave

When defrosting salmon in the microwave, you should bear the following useful advice in mind:

Tips For Defrosting Salmon In Microwave

  • Whenever using the microwave to defrost, always select the defrost mode. Since microwaves have different cooking and defrosting methods, determine the correct manner. For good defrosting results, place thin pieces of salmon in the center and thicker pieces of fish around.
  • Keep an eye on the salmon, constantly flipping and rotating it every 30 seconds. That will help thaw the salmon evenly on all sides, and there will be less chance of any fish pieces being overcooked.
  • Remember to cover or wrap tightly to prevent splashing. Because when the salmon is defrosted, its meat will break apart, leading to a situation where the water rises on the wall of the microwave, which is not covered properly.
  • After defrosting the fish in the microwave, the fish smell is still lingering, so you first need to open the microwave for at least 10-15 minutes. If the fish smell is still there, use lemon, vinegar, and water to mix it into a mixture to wash and clean the microwave again after disconnecting the power.

Best Way To Defrost Salmon In Microwave

When you don’t have much prep time, microwave-defrosting salmon is the best option. Refer to the following methods for the ideal defrosting procedure:

First, remove the salmon from its plastic tray or original packaging. These are not recommended for microwaves because they are disposable plastic.

Second, put the salmon in a microwave-safe dish or container and tightly cover it to prevent splashes.

Third, set the dynamic to defrost mode or 30-40% power level. That will help preserve the freshness and not cause the fish to dry out.

Lastly, flip and rotate the fish continuously for 5 minutes while thawing it once every 30 seconds. Check the fish regularly to ensure the salmon has reached the desired defrost level.

Best Way To Defrost Salmon In Microwave


Is It Safe To Defrost Frozen Fish In The Microwave?

Yes, microwaving frozen fish is safe. Once defrosted, it is best to cook immediately. By doing this, the danger of bacteria spreading, fish spoiling, and health problems will be decreased.

Although this is a safe method, this freezing causes the fish’s flesh cells to break down, resulting in slow cooking and drying out the fish meat.

Do I Need To Defrost The Salmon Before Cooking?

Yes, the salmon must be defrosted before you start cooking. You will find it simpler to prepare the meal as a result. The frozen fish will lead to the taste of the salmon not being as tender as it was originally. The texture of the salmon will also be affected, which also leads to undercooked food. Refer to here for instructions on how to cook fish with a microwave.

Do I Need To Defrost The Salmon Before Cooking?

Why Does Salmon Explode In The Microwave?

Because salmon meat contains water and natural fats, when the temperature is high in the microwave, the melted fat reacts with moisture to produce steam, which then explodes.

Can You Quickly Thaw Frozen Fish?

A quick way to defrost salmon is to put it in the microwave. It takes five minutes to finish this. You must continuously rotate and flip it to ensure the pyrolysis spreads evenly and the salmon defrosts completely.

This method is faster than traditional methods, such as defrosting under the tap or in the refrigerator compartment.


The above article shows that cooking salmon in the microwave is the best and most convenient way to prepare meals for the family. That is a helpful way for those who don’t have too much time.

Our article below has provided methods to defrost salmon in microwave. We also emphasize the work of purifying food safety regulations, ensuring the safety of your health with a very cool tip.

Hopefully, the information on how to proceed, time, and notes when freezing salmon in this article has helped you understand how to do it. Remember to follow us for cool recipes and useful cooking advice!