Can You Microwave Eggos – The Best Answer You Are Looking For!


If you are looking to make a delicious meal in the mornings but don’t have time to wake up any earlier than normal, Eggos are another option that doesn’t take much time.

There are many ways to cook Eggos, but can you microwave Eggos? Here is your answer!

Can You Microwave Eggos?

YES, it’s okay to cook Eggos in the microwave, but they cannot crisp up as much as other methods might and may come out soggy. If you like crispy pancakes or waffles, this way is probably not for you.

So how long to microwave Eggo waffles? Well, it is up to the variety of Eggo you are using.


How To Microwave Frozen Eggos

Though cooking Eggos with a toaster is the ideal way, you still can easily make your favorite breakfast using the microwave. Here is a detailed instruction for microwaving frozen Eggos:

  • Take a microwave-safe plate and cover it with a couple of paper towels.
  • Place the waffle on top of the plate. But how long do you put waffles in the microwave? If your Eggos was in a freezer overnight, you might want to take it out first and let it defrost for a few minutes.
  • Put the plate into the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds at a high temperature. Then flip the Eggos over once. They shouldn’t be too hot, but carefully handle them as they cook. 
  • Microwave them for an additional half a minute. Always keep an eye on them. Your Eggos might need a few more seconds in the microwave for a more sizzling texture. Or you must remove them early to avoid burning.
  • Take your Eggos plate out of the microwave and get rid of the paper towels. Top it with some maple syrup and berries or bacon, depending on your liking. 
  • Serve them as a tasty breakfast or a flavorful snack for any time of day and enjoy.

How To Microwave Frozen Eggos

Other Ways To Cook Eggos

As we mentioned before, the best way to make Eggos is to toast them with a toaster. To achieve the perfect Eggos, place your waffle in and set the toaster for about two minutes. That’s a good time to remove them as they are still cooking lightly but not burnt.

Cooking Eggos in the oven can also be a great way as you can make a bunch of them simultaneously. Put them on a lightly greased cookie sheet and bake them for around seven minutes in a 400 degrees Fahrenheit oven.


And that is a quick rundown of the answers to the question: Can you microwave Eggos? We hope this article has helped you decide the suitable way to make your favorite breakfast. Follow us for more information and tips on proper microwave cooking.

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