Microwave Sugar Wax: A Diy Recipe At Home In 5 Minutes!

Summertime is coming, and it’s waxing time! Visiting a spa weekly to remove your body hair is not affordable, so DIY sugar wax will significantly save your budget. However, putting your time and effort into it would be best.

We will give you a lazy beauty tip for this summer. It’s microwave sugar wax! Super fast, super easy, and no more pain! Let’s get started!

Microwave Sugar Wax

Can I Make Sugar Wax In The Microwave?

Yes, absolutely. But be aware of some issues below:

  • Sugar wax can be burnt easily inside your microwave. Hence, keep your eyes on your microwave sugar wax.
  • Microwave sugar wax will go hard if it sits.
  • Microwave sugar wax is a temporary method only. It cannot remove the hair permanently.

How To Microwave Sugar Wax


Sugar wax has been proven to be efficient in removing body hair. Let’s see what you need:

  • ½ cup of granulated white sugar.
  • 2 tbsp of lime/ lemon/ orange juice. You can alter the juice with vinegar. It also offers acidity that prevents the sugar wax from turning into hard candies.
  • 2 tbsp of water

This amount is for usage time for an area of arms or legs only. Also, it depends on your body condition, and you can adjust the number of ingredients.

Can I Make Sugar Wax In The Microwave?

Step-by-step Guidelines

Step1: Mix all ingredients

You should mix all ingredients in a microwavable bowl and use a spoon. It’s important not to leave any sugar on the sides of the bowl. If you do, it will be burnt!

Step 2: Microwave sugar wax

It’s time to put the bowl into the microwave; set it on the HIGH mode for 3 and a half minutes. It should be a 900 or 1,000-watt microwave. If it’s not, you should consider adjusting the time.

Step 3: Let it sit

When the mixture turns dark brown, take the bowl out and leave it for about 30 minutes at room temperature. After microwaving, the sugar wax is super hot; it will burn your skin severely. You can use a stick to stir it to cool it down quickly.

Step 4: Prepare for your skin

Dry and clean skin will increase the ability of sugar wax to stick to your skin and remove as much hair as possible. Also, the baby powder works effectively in enhancing stickiness.

Step 5: Apply microwave sugar wax

Use your hand or a stick to apply wax to the growth direction of the hair. You can yank it oppositely by hand or with a piece of special wax paper. The first wax will take out 80 – 90% of the hair.

Add lemon juice to soften the sugar wax
Add lemon juice to soften the sugar wax

Helpful Tips When Microwaving Sugar Wax

Tip #1: Add Lemon Juice If Microwave Sugar Wax Is Hard

Sugar wax will go hard because of the overcook process or low temperature. Add some drops of lemon juice and boil it for 2 minutes. You can repeat the process above if it hasn’t reached your favorite softness.

Tip #2: Give Your Skin Breathing Space After Waxing

Stop wearing tight-fitting and highly perfumed body products after waxing, or your skin may get hurt and irritation. Additionally, you should take a break from intense activities for at least 48 hours.


How Do You Know When Sugar Wax Is Ready?

Following our guidelines, you can have peace of mind and wait for a “ding!”. That’s when your microwave sugar wax is ready. If it’s different, you should keep your eyes on the microwave. When the mixture boils and turns dark brown, it’s time to take it out.

Can You Use Sugar Wax Without Heating?

Yes, but we do not recommend it. When the sugar wax is cold, it goes hard. Consequently, it is difficult to use your wax. In addition, the efficiency runs down significantly.

How Long Does It Take To Microwave Sugar Wax?

It depends on the microwave’s wattage and the quantity of sugar wax you expect. In the above guidelines, we microwave sugar wax in 3 and 30 seconds in a 900 or 1,000-watt appliance at a HIGH mode.


It takes less than 5 minutes to microwave sugar wax—no need to waste time and effort removing your unwanted hair. Let’s enjoy your summer!

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