How To Microwave Lobster In Less Than 10 Minutes?

Lobster is a canvas of the sea that is nutrition-rich and flavorful. You can steam, boil, or bake to get your dish done. But, you may want a more efficient, convenient, and faster cooking method.

We want to introduce you to microwave lobster. It sounds weird. Stay tuned, and you will find this method is worth trying.

Flavorful lobster tails
Flavorful lobster tails

Can You Microwave Lobster?

Yes, for sure! The microwave offers the lowest temperature of 160 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the mild heat to cook lobster is internally at 135 – 140 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, the principle of the microwave is to heat from inside to outside. Hence, it can cook lobster perfectly in a short time.

How To Microwave Lobster?


It would be best to use lobster tail, which is content-rich and consists of almost lobster meat. You must split the tail and remove unnecessary parts such as the roe, head sacs, and tomalley. If you love the claws, crack them beforehand.

Afterward, season the lobster meat as you want; and don’t forget about the soup or sauce.

Cooking with the microwave
Cooking with the microwave

Let’s Cook

Follow our step-by-step guidelines below; you will have your microwave lobster in less than 10 minutes!

Step 1: Put your lobster in a microwavable bag

The microwavable bag will work as a pan or a pot that contains the lobster and soup. You can also put the lobster directly as a microwaved steak. However, the textures of these meats are different, and this method is not favorable to the lobster.

Step 2: Set the microwave

It is a good idea to set the HIGH mode. If it is a 2-pound lobster, we will cook it in 10 minutes. When it reaches 100 degrees Celsius, the sauce/ soup/ water is boiling and gradually cooks the lobster. The bag will lock the heat and fasten the process.

Step 3: Remove the bag and serve it

Ding! Your lobster is done! We highly recommend wearing heat-resistant gloves to take the bag out. When opening the bag, be careful with the hot steam and put your food in a bowl.

You can add some garnishes to beautify your dish.

A combination of a lobster tail and a piece of steak
A combination of a lobster tail and a piece of steak

How Long Should I Microwave Lobster?

The cooking times vary depending on the lobster’s weight and internal temperature. Keep the internal temperature at 135 to 140 degrees Celsius so the lobster can get cooked quickly, evenly, and tenderly.

If the lobster is under 1 pound, 2 minutes are enough. In case it is 1 pound, 6 minutes are needed. For each next ¼ pound, you should add 1 minute each.

How To Reheat Lobster In The Microwave?

It would be a waste to get rid of leftover lobster. Instead, you can reheat it in the microwave and enjoy its flavorful taste.

Like microwaving lobster, you should put your food in the microwavable bag or apply a cover to your dish/bowl. These cooking tools will lock the heat and moisture inside, preventing lobster from drying out.

The setting should be a MEDIUM mode for one and a half minutes. Based on the quantity of the lobster, you can adjust the cooking times. Please keep your eyes on it, or you may overcook it!


Now, you know how to microwave lobster; it is flavorful, convenient, efficient, and fast. You can finish your cooking in less than 10 minutes and enjoy your meal! Besides, the microwave is super helpful in reheating your leftovers and maintaining their taste perfectly.

You can also microwave steak, turkey bacon, etc. Follow us, and you will know how to do it properly. Enjoy!