Quick and Delicious: Chef Tips for Microwave Turkey Bacon

The smokey taste, low fat, salty, and scrunches – that’s all about turkey bacon. You can combine it with different foods to quickly create a flavorful and joyful meal.

In the following step-by-step guidelines, we will show you how to microwave turkey bacon for a perfect meal in less than 5 minutes. Read on and enjoy!

Some slices of microwaved turkey bacon
Some slices of microwaved turkey bacon

Can You Microwave Bacon?

Sure, why not? Turkey bacon is simply meat that is microwave-friendly. This cooking method can make it crispy and yummy, but not as many crumbs as other methods. Also, it extracts all extra fat, which is not for everyone.

There is another point you should be aware of. This cooking method is prone to burn your meal and make it chewy! Hence, the temperature and cooking time is key.

How To Microwave Turkey Bacon?

Microwave turkey bacon with paper towels

Microwave Turkey Bacon With Paper Towels

The paper towels have a special structure that offers empty spaces between them. When it contacts water or oil, it will absorb these materials quickly. Applying it to microwaving turkey bacon removes extra fat and makes your food lean and oily-less. If you don’t want to use paper towels, please refer to our article on Microwave Bacon without using paper towels.

Now, let’s microwave turkey bacon!

Step 1: Lay pieces of bacon on a paper towel

You can cook several pieces simultaneously, but keep in mind to leave them separately. They will stick together if they come into contact in the heating process.

Step 2: Add another layer of paper towel

The above paper towel will prevent direct heat from affecting the bacon. As a result, the bacon keeps its crispness and moisture; at the same time, avoid burning the bacon surface.

Step 3: Set the microwave

The best mode is HIGH, and the best cooking time is 4 minutes for some slices of bacon and 1 minute for 1 piece of bacon.

Step 4: Check the doneness

When it’s “ding,” it’s time to check your food. If it reaches your favorite crispness, you can take it out. Leave for another 30 seconds to 1 minute if it needs more time.

Step 5: Enjoy your meal!

Microwave turkey bacon with a tray

Microwave Turkey Bacon With A Tray

While paper towels absorb extra fat to make the bacon lean, the microwavable tray will keep the food moist.

Step 1: Lay pieces of bacon on the tray

The microwavable tray is designed to straighten the bacon and prevent it from curling and burning. Similar to the paper towels, put each bacon separately.

Step 2: Set the microwave to 2 minutes in HIGH mode

Step 3: Flip the bacon and set another 2 minutes

The former method doesn’t require you to turn it over because it has a paper towel covered. Besides, the microwave’s heat will cook from inside to outside, making it crispy and evenly cooked.

However, this method offers direct heat to the bacon surface. If you leave it for full cooking time, it will be burnt.

Step 4: Cool it down

Take your bacon out and leave them on a paper towel to absorb extra oil. This will make it crispy without being greasy.

Step 5: Enjoy!

How Long To Microwave Turkey Bacon

It goes range based on the cooking mode and the wattage. We apply a 1000-wattage microwave on high way, and the cooking time is 4 minutes.

If you choose other modes (middle or low) or lower 700-wattage appliances, it takes longer for your microwave turkey bacon to be done. In addition, it is less crispy and chewy.

Besides, keep your eyes on the microwave, so your meal will be tastier!

How Long To Microwave Turkey Bacon

Best Food To Serve With Turkey Bacon


Our no.1 dish is a Bacon roll with asparagus. The salty-rich bacon combined with the freshness of asparagus creates a perfect balance for the dish. The crispy outside is opposite to the juicy inside, making a flavorful taste in one bite!


Traditional! Traditional! Traditional!

The combination of sandwich and turkey bacon has been the favorite of thousands of people for years! It’s quick and nutrition-rich for an energetic start to the day.

Creamy Pasta

This dish usually has chopped pork or beef, but the microwave turkey bacon will leverage it with the salty and smoky flavor. It significantly balances the smooth taste of cream and satisfies the diners with a strong and dynamic aroma.

Dietitian-Approved Tips For Microwaving Turkey Bacon

Tip #1: One Slice Of Bacon Is Enough

Dietitians say one slice of bacon contains 44 calories and 1g of saturated fat. This content is enough for each person in a meal. Additionally, it offers a flavorful and joyful taste so that you can turn it into a garnish for your dish.

Tip #2: Remove Extra Fat

The melted fat from microwaving turkey bacon is saturated fat, which is not friendly to your heart. So, using paper towels to absorb this extra unnecessary fat is a great idea.

Tip #3: Choose Turkey Bacon With A Strong Smoky Taste

The smoky- and salty-rich bacon offers higher nutrition to your body. At the same time, the stronger the flavor is, the less bacon you need for a meal. With a small amount of bacon, your meal is joyful and tasty.

Different ways to cook turkey bacon
Different ways to cook turkey bacon

Other Methods To Cook Turkey Bacon

Frying It

It’s the most traditional method of cooking turkey bacon. You will add some oil to the hot pan and fry it until the outside gets shiny gold. At this point, your bacon is crispy and smoky.

It’s undeniable the tasty result, but it also gives you an extra effort to clean up! Moreover, the bacon is soaked in oil, which means it’s fatty and unhealthy.

Broiling It

Are you hunting for crispy turkey bacon? The broiling method is for you. You will need a pan, oil, and foil. Here are some simple steps to have a crispy-finish meal with a smoky taste.

Cover your pan with foil, add some oil, and heat it. When it reaches high, put your bacon on the foil: and don’t forget to rotate it when shiny gold outside appears. In a few minutes, you can enjoy it!

No more greasy pan! Just toss the foil away!

Baking It

Bacon is perfect for adding flavor to your baked meat, such as beef or pork. The salty and smoky is the key. On the one hand, covering the meat with some slices of bacon will create a crispy coat for your dish. This coat will lock the moisture inside and make it tender and juicy.

Air Frying It

Go crumbles with the air-frying method!

The result will be super crispy. Like microwaving, the bacon with this cooking will extract fat from the bacon to make it lean and healthy. Due to the high heat in the air fry, the bacon curls up, which is unfavorable to sandwiches.

It will take 8 minutes in total to finish your meal. If you love to keep it moist, use a tray as a microwave turkey bacon.

A simple meal with bacon and fresh fruits
A simple meal with bacon and fresh fruits

The Upsides And Downsides Of Microwaving Turkey Bacon

The Upsides

Microwaving turkey bacon offers no preheating process. It can save at least 2 minutes! The cooking process is also easy and quick, with only 4 minutes. Besides, it’s super easy to clean up. No more greasy pans!

At the same time, it offers less oil and lean fat which is good for your health. Compared with the pan-frying method, this one will not produce toxic and prevent cancer.

The Downsides

The first one is to take your risk! The turkey bacon is thin and salty, fire-friendly, and prone to getting burnt easily. If you use cheap paper towels, they may stick to your bacon because of the fat.

If you love bacon fat, sorry, microwave turkey bacon is not for you!


Is Bacon Better In The Oven Or Microwave?

The oven cooking method is much more favorable to the bacon. It keeps the fat and the original taste. In addition, it takes less effort to clean the greasy tools!

Can You Reheat Turkey Bacon In The Microwave?

Yes. You can take advantage of the reheat function of the microwave. Ensure you set the right mode and cooking time, and never forget to cover the food with a paper towel.

The favorable setting is the high mode in 30 seconds. The paper towel will prevent the heat from contacting your bacon directly, which can cause dry or burnt foods.

Is Microwaving Turkey Bacon Healthier Than Frying?

According to Toxicological Research, microwaving bacon is better than frying it in a skillet. The latter method is a common way to cook this food, but the scientists proved that during this preparation process, the bacon might produce nitrosamines – a substance that can cause cancer in human beings. Meanwhile, microwave turkey bacon does not.

At the same time, you don’t need to add extra oil when using the microwave, reducing the proneness of high blood cholesterol and other diseases.


There’s nothing better than enjoying your microwave turkey bacon in 4 minutes. It’s a perfect solution for a quick sandwich in the morning. You can also cook it with an oven, a pan, or an air fryer. Each method offers different results but a piece of tasty and flavorful bacon.

Follow us for more tips on cooking with modern kitchen appliances to save time and create enjoyable meals!