2-Minute Simple Syrup Microwave Recipe

Instead of sweetening your beverage with sugar, which is hard to dissolve completely, you can use syrup! You may think about the fruit-extracted type, but we would like to share our simple syrup microwave recipe. It is so flexible that this sweet can match any beverage.

Now, give us 2 minutes, and you will have a cup of delicious syrup!

A jar of simple syrup

Can You Make Simple Syrup In The Microwave?

Yes. The main role of the microwave in this recipe is to dissolve sugar completely and vaporize extra water for a solid liquid. Thanks to this process, your sweetener is solvent in beverages, cakes, yogurts, and salads quickly.

Microwave Simple Syrup Recipe

The simple syrup recipe requires only two ingredients: sugar and water. You can consider some types of sugar: granulated sugar, brown sugar, honey, and artificial sweetener. All of them offer sweets, but they may fit different beverages.

The ratio of sugar and water is 1 and 1. Mix them and stir as much as you can. It would be best to contain the mixture in a microwavable bowl, then put it into the microwave.

Next, you should set it in HIGH mode for 90 seconds and take it out. Keep stirring for the sugar to dissolve, and microwave for another 30 seconds. If you find your sugar hasn’t dissolved yet, mix it again and leave for a further 30 seconds.

The simple syrup works perfectly with various beverages

Applications Of Simple Syrup Microwave

Simple syrup microwave supplies the sweet beverage without sugar on the glass’s bottom! Besides, you can also add it to cake, yogurt, or salad. It’s so flexible and yummy.

For beverages, you can add it to the liquid and stir it for a bit. Meanwhile, it would be best if you poured it on the surface of the cake to lock the moisture. Besides offering the sweet, the simple syrup microwave will stop the salad from turning brown.

How To Store Microwave Syrup?

Once it cools down, the syrup starts to set and turn solid. At that point, you can store it in a jar with a lid. You can seal it with water-proof paper to prevent air from breaking into the jar. You can also use other airtight containers. Leave it in the fridge to preserve it for a month or longer.

It’s a fun tip that one or two tbsp of vodka will enhance the lifetime of your DIY simple syrup microwave for a few months. An important note: when it appears cloudy, remove it immediately.

How To Store Microwave Syrup?

How Long Does A Simple Syrup Microwave Last?

If you store the syrup in the fridge, it can last for a month. If you add some vodka, your simple syrup microwave can keep its original taste for 2-3 months. As a result, you shouldn’t make too much syrup at a time.


Our DIY simple syrup microwave will take only 2 minutes, but you can have a jar of sweetener lasting at least 1 month. Now, you can enjoy your beverage, cake, yogurt, and salad with a flavorful taste quickly and conveniently. No more sugar in the bottom of the glass! Enjoy!