Microwave Steak: Quick And Yummy Meal Within 20 Minutes!

We love steak! It’s tasty and nutrient-rich. Steak is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Also, you can serve it with various foods such as sweet potatoes, green beans, asparagus, etc. So yummy!

You may be familiar with traditional cooking methods of pan or oven. We will introduce you to microwave steak that takes less effort and time. Let’s go!

Microwave Steak

Can You Cook Steak In The Microwave?

Yes, absolutely. Although notable chefs do not recommend it, it works! You should pay attention to a few things when applying this cooking method.

#1. No Oil Is Needed!

Oil will lead to a burnt piece of meat instead of a medium, juicy, and tasty steak! It’s weird because other methods require oil to soften the beef and avoid dryness. However, that’s how the microwave works!

#2. Rotation Is The Point!

You should divide the cooking time into two parts and turn the meat over for each section. It is helpful to have an evenly cooked steak.

#3. Higher Heat Doesn’t Mean Faster Results!

The microwave will heat the meat from inside to outside. However, the surface of the meat will catch the temperature quickly in the environment. Consequently, it burns in the high heat in the blink of an eye!


Can You Cook Steak In The Microwave?

How To Microwave Steak At Home?


What is your favorite steak recipe? We will give you our simplest one. It would be best to have one-inch thick pieces of steak, salt, and pepper.

If it’s frozen, defrost it to room temperature in 10 minutes with your microwave, or leave it for 1 – 2 hours for a natural defrost but absolutely not for more than 2 hours. Then, use the paper or tower to remove extra water or blood. It’s time to season your meat with salt and pepper.

Preheating the microwave? It’s not necessary!

Step-by-step Guidelines

Step 1: Put the beef in the microwave

It sounds simple, but here’s the note. Never use metal plates or metallic appliances. The metal will reach high heat quickly, reflect it, catch fire, or explode! It can threaten your life and ruin your house in a few minutes. So, never try!

Step 2: Set up the microwave

Let’s set it in MEDIUM mode, which is about 250 degrees Celsius in general. This mode will gradually cook the meat without drying it out or burning it up, leading to a juicy and tender steak. The best cooking time is ten to fourteen minutes overall, which means five to seven minutes for each section.

Step 3: Rotate it & wait

After five or seven minutes, you should open the microwave and turn the beef over. It’s halfway to a yummy meal!

When the microwave makes a “ding,” it’s ready to serve!

Step 4: Plate it

You can serve it with your favorite sauce and food.

Tips For A Tasty Microwave Steak

Tip #1: Never skip patting the beef

The extra water and blood will prevent the contact of heat and the meat. Also, it will make the steak crispy with shiny gold outside!

Tip #2: Don’t worry about the flipping count

Flipping the beef too often may result in a bad end. It’s not a thing to be concerned about because no top chefs have given a caution on it.

Tip #3: Leave it to rest before serving

A 5-minute rest before serving is essential for a tender and juicy taste.

Tips For A Tasty Microwave Steak

How Long Does It Take To Microwave Steak?

Like any other cooking guide, we cannot give you an exact number of times. It depends on the thickness of the beef, the temperature, and the taste.

The guideline above is for one-inch thick pieces of beef and 250 degree Celsius for a tender and juicy meal. If you love well-done or 50% done, the cooking time will change.

The key is to check the doneness. You can use a fork or spoon. Based on the elasticity of the meat surface, you can tell its doneness. Besides, you can check with a professional thermometer with the following heat:

  • Rare: 51 – 54 degrees Celsius
  • Medium rare: 54 – 60 degrees Celsius
  • Medium: 60 – 65 degrees Celsius
  • Medium well: 65 – 7 degrees Celsius
  • Well done: over 72 degrees Celsius

What To Serve With Steak?

There is no limitation on what to serve with steak, but there are 4 to-go ideas.

Idea #1: Roasted asparagus

Traditional and yummy. Roasted asparagus has a smokey and fresh taste combined with a tender steak to have a soft sweetness of beef.

Idea #2: Mushroom melted butter soup

The smooth taste of melted butter will enhance the deliciousness of the steak. Additionally, the sauce adds juice to the meal for softness and smoothness.

Idea #3: Black chili soup

The spicy black chili will stimulate hunger and make the meal feel much better.

Idea #4: Salad

The salad will balance the taste of beef steak, offering freshness. You can add anything to your salad, such as tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, etc.

Idea #5: Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is often served with steak because it complements the flavor of the steak and is a seasonal vegetable that is easy to prepare and cook alongside the steak.


How To Reheat Steak In Microwave?

The microwave is super helpful in reheating steak. However, the high heat of this electric appliance can overcook and dry the food out. To avoid it, you should add some broth or water to keep the moistness and tenderness of the steak.

On the other hand, you can cover the plate of beef steak to prevent the dampness from vaporizing.

The temperature and cooking time varies depending on the steak’s thickness and doneness. Normally, it takes one to reheat the beef in the high mode of the microwave and one and a half minutes in a medium way.

How To Defrost Steak In Microwaves?

Frozen steak can keep its freshness and taste. However, it takes time to defrost naturally, which can account for one to two hours. Using a microwave will save you time effectively.

After removing the steak package, put the steak in a microwavable-friendly container. Then, set the microwave to defrost mode for eight to ten minutes. Regarding four or five minutes, it would be best to flip the steak and keep the process for another four or five minutes.

Turning the steak over is important to enhance the contact of heat and the food for evenly defrosting.

Microwave Steak Vs Non-Microwave Steak

We bet you are curious about the taste of microwave steak. Is it as good as a traditional one?

Once cooked with a pan, you can control the steak’s doneness better and keep it moist, juicy, and tender. Meanwhile, it’s hard to make it perfect with the microwave. Usually, microwave steak is drier and tougher. Serving it with soup and salad balances the taste.


You can microwave steak in this electric appliance’s high or medium mode. The cooking time varies depending on the thickness, doneness, and temperature. The key is to keep your eyes on the food and check it with a professional thermometer.

Within 20 minutes, you can get a quick and tasty meal with a multi-function microwave. Why don’t you try it? It’s absolutely worth it.

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