Can You Microwave Cookies? Tested Result!

A microwave is a multi-function kitchen appliance that any modern household should own. It can cook, reheat, defrost, steam, etc., food quickly, offering less effort to serve delicious meals.

If you are a sweet-lover, you may wonder, “Can you microwave cookies?”. We will give you the best answer in this article. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Can You Microwave Cookies

Can You Microwave Cookies?

Yes. Cookies are made of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder, and water. You can also add nuts and chocolate chips to make it taste better. After mixing these ingredients, you will get cookie dough, which is microwave-friendly.

Although you can try this method, the taste of microwaved cookies is not as good as conventional ones. From our point of view, it is similar to baking cookies but less chewy and crispy.

Why is the taste different? If you bake cookies in the oven, the heat affects the cookie dough from outside to inside. Meanwhile, the microwave does the opposite, producing a dry but non-crispy texture.

Dry microwaved cookies

How To Microwave Cookies?

You can make cookie dough by yourself or use premade cookie dough. Finishing your snack takes over 10 minutes if you choose the former option.

Once it comes to microwaving your cookies, you can use a microwavable tray or oil paper. Put all the cookie dough on the tray/ paper, then leave them in the microwave.

The favorable temperature is 160 degrees Celsius, and the cooking time is 60 seconds. Afterward, you should check the doneness. If it is not ready, let leave them for another 10 – 20 seconds.

You can also set it to 250 degrees Celsius – the default temperature of the microwave. If so, the cooking time should be 30 – 45 seconds.

Takeaway: Before putting cookie dough on a microwavable tray, add low-fat oil or melt butter to avoid sticking it.

How To Microwave Cookies?

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Microwaved Cookies

No preheating required, energy-efficient, perfect for testing new cookie recipes, and super fast! It takes less than a minute to have your cookies done! These are the advantages of microwaved cookies. What about the other side? It’s all about the taste.

When you bake cookies, it’s soft and chewy inside while crispy outside. You can find moist food that is enjoyable and mouth-watering. On the other hand, microwaved cookies come with a dry texture. Besides, it’s hard to have perfect cookies. You may get burnt or runny results instead!

Tips To Microwave Cookies

Tip #1: Check The Cookie Dough Ingredients

Some cooking ingredients are not microwave-friendly, such as dry grapes or oats. If it’s a premade product, the brands may give you a note. You can buy from Sweet Loren’s. Their products are microwavable. Meanwhile, Aunty Kath’s, Annie’s, and Pillsbury recommend not cooking their cookie dough in the microwave.

Tip #2: Leave It To Sit

The hot cookies are hot because of the microwave principles. Leaving them for a few minutes at room temperature will save your tongue! At the same time, warm cookies have a better texture and taste than hot ones.

Tip #3: Be Flexible

The cooking time is for reference only. Focus on your microwave, set a short time on the first try, and add a few seconds!

Tip #4: Avoid Metal

The metal will burn and explode inside the microwave!

How Long Should I Microwave Cookies?

Depending on the temperature, you should set different cooking times. When it comes to 160 degrees Celsius, which is the low mode of the microwave, you should leave it for 60 seconds. At 250 degrees Celsius, 45 seconds is the maximum for the first trial.

Afterward, you should take the cookie dough out and check the doneness. Leave it for another 10 – 15 seconds if it’s not cooked yet.

The above formula is not perfect for all. You can set a shorter time and keep your eyes on it.

How Long Should I Microwave Cookies?
How Long Should I Microwave Cookies?

What Happens If I Microwave Hard Cookies?

It’s undeniable that the microwave can reheat food perfectly quickly. You microwave cookies to make them yummy and soft again? Yes, it works! However, you should not put the cookies directly in the microwave. If you do, the cookies will go harder or even burn!

You will need damp paper towels which are moist but not wet. Then, separately wrap each cookie in a damp paper towel and put them in the microwave. It would be great to leave them in 20 seconds at 160 degrees Celsius and take them out. If you find it under-done, heat them further 10 seconds.

Can You Soften Microwave Cookie Dough?

Yes. Frozen cookie dough is the best way to preserve its taste, but it goes rock hard! It takes time to soften them naturally, and you don’t have that patience? Let’s microwave it, but take the risk!

The most important note is the heat. It would help to choose defrost or 30% power mode and set it in 10 seconds. The low temperature will not burn the fat inside the dough and avoid turning it into a terrible result.

Overheating the cookie dough will lead to burnt, melted chocolate chips or runny dough. So, please keep your eyes on it when microwaving. It should be the last option to defrost cookie dough when in a rush!

In A Nutshell

Can you microwave cookies? Yes, it works! You need to focus on the ingredients of the cookie dough, the heat, and the cooking time. Although you can save time and effort, the taste is not good. Forget the chewy internal and crispy external. You will get a little dry texture instead!

Overall, microwaving your cookie dough in a rush is still a great idea!