Microwave Defrost Fish: Does It Still Delicious After That?


Freezing seafood, especially fish, is not too strange when it is possible to keep a certain source of nutrients and freshness for the dish. Therefore, proper unfreezing helps to fulfill the original purpose.

This article will answer the question: “How can microwave defrost fish?” Then some tips for that become more delicious. Keep on reading this short useful information!

Can You Thaw Fishes In The Microwaves?

Fish can defrost in a microwave in low temperatures and a short time
Fish can defrost in a microwave in low temperatures and a short time

The question that pops into your head is probably confirmation: “Can you defrost fish in the microwave?”. And, of course, the answer is absolute, yes.

This process usually takes little time, but this dish cooks quickly. Therefore, you must adjust the time accordingly and often check to avoid accidentally overcooking it while melting.

Each type of device often has different power and temperature, so the time for this process frequently fluctuates in a range instead of being fixed. You should try a short time first and increase if you are still not getting the desired effect.

How Does Microwave Defrost Fish?

Unlike other defrosting methods, microwaves can bring fast results and minimize food contamination. To do this process, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Place fish in a microwave-safe dish or container.
  • Use a wrap or a special lid to cover the dish.
  • Use the unfreezing mode or set the temperature to 30% lower than the appliance’s capacity with an operating time of 2 minutes.
  • Check the condition or temperature of the dish every 30 seconds, and turn it over every 1 minute.

If, after 2 minutes, it is still not frozen, you can thaw it for another 30 seconds. This process is perfect when soft but still retains a bit of chill.

In addition, you should keep the power or temperature of the device to a minimum so that your meal does not get cooked, mushy, or even explode (due to temperature differences).

How Long To Thaw Fishes In Microwaves?

If you wonder how long to defrost fish in microwave, the short answer is only 2-3 minutes.

Defrosting this nourishment is usually faster than meat because its structure is different and quite thin. Usually, the whole process takes about 2-3 minutes, combined with checking every 30 minutes and flipping the face.

Ultimately, you may see some ice crystals remaining on its surface. Then, even if the device is turned off, you still let the dish in for a few minutes to complete the heat transfer and be uniform.

Tips To Defrost Fishes In A Microwaves

Fish, when defrosted, still retains a certain freshness and nutrition (Source: Epicurious)
Fish, when defrosted, still retains a certain freshness and nutrition (Source: Epicurious)

Defrosting food before cooking shortens the cooking time and makes the food tastier. There are a few tips to make your meal perfect:

  • Use microwave-safe containers to avoid food deterioration.
  • Set the lowest temperature if the device does not have a defrost mode.
  • Check every 30 seconds and flip every 1 minute.
  • Leave the food in the oven for a few minutes; once the defrosting is complete, let the ice crystals melt completely.
  • Cook it as soon as defrosted, and do not refreeze it so that the taste is not affected.


Microwave defrost fish is one of the fastest ways, but it also helps food retain its freshness and nutrition. It would be best if you were careful not to leave it for too long or if you do not want to cook it accidentally.

Each device will have different times and modes, and you can try bit by bit with the lowest mode and a time of not more than 2 minutes. The above sharing will help you have more delicious and nutritious meals!