How To Defrost Bacon In The Microwave: A Step-by-step Guide!


Have you ever been in a rush and you have no time to defrost the frozen bacon? Worry not! We’re here to unveil how to defrost bacon in the microwave quickly and easily.

Not only does this way save you time, but it also helps to maintain the bacon’s flavor and texture. In this article, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process of completing this task. Now, let us give you a hand and have things done together. The dish would highlight your breakfast, surprisingly!

how to defrost bacon in the microwave
Frozen bacon

Can You Defrost Bacon In The Microwave?

Yes. You can microwave bacon to defrost it. This step is a must for frozen bacon because cooking it straight from the freezer can take more time and result in uneven cooking.

Unevenly cooked bacon fails to please you as you won’t be able to get it crispy. Not to mention, the frozen bacon’s excessive water release also makes you feel low as you can’t cook it in rendered fat.

How To Defrost Bacon In The Microwave

How To Safely Defrost Bacon In A Microwave

  • For optimal results, set your microwave to defrosting mode.
  • Make several holes in the original bacon packet using a fork before defrosting. This prevents the inside from building up steam and the explosion-causing packaging.
  • When defrosting, set the timer for brief intervals. The too-long setting time will make the heat accumulate inside the appliance and begin cooking the food instead of just defrosting.
  • Also, plastic melting will occur while defrosting for too long, leaving potential health risks once you consume the food.

How To Fastly Defrost Bacon In A Microwave

  • Discard the bacon’s packing.
  • Wrap your bacon in a few paper towel sheets. This can soak up extra fat oozing from bacon after microwaving, and stop the oil from spewing into your microwave.
  • You’d better adopt the microwave-safe dish.
  • To defrost this bacon more quickly, spread it out on the plate widely.
  • Defrost the bacon for roughly 2 minutes if it is bundled up tightly. Then, try to separate each bacon strip from the others to spread them evenly.
  • Set the microwave to Defrost or Thaw mode. Overall, each pound requires 5 minutes of microwaving.
  • For efficient defrosting, flip, rotate, and check every several minutes.
How To Fastly Defrost Bacon In A Microwave
Tips for defrosting your bacon in your microwave

How Long Do You Defrost Bacon In The Microwave?

Thawing one pound of frozen bacon in the microwave requires about 3-6 minutes. Remember to select the low power level or “thaw/defrost” settings in your microwave.

As stated, splitting the individual bacon strips will make the process even faster. So, remember this step.

Check, turn the bacon over, and restart after the first 3 minutes. Check about halfway through the second pulse to ensure it is ready.

Tips To Defrost Bacon Successfully

  • Refrain from defrosting the whole packet of bacon if you only need a few pieces for breakfast or a snack. Refreezing after defrosting is not desirable since it goes against the safe food handling guidelines.
  • The best way to prepare bacon is by first separating a bacon lardon, cube, or slice. For flawless bacon, immediately start cooking it after defrosting.
  • When defrosting in a microwave, set an eye on the bacon’s center as sometimes this region remains frozen or unqualified. Defrost for a few minutes, and then separate the outside layers before going on with the center.

Other Ways To Defrost Bacon If You Do Not Have A Microwave

Other Ways To Defrost Bacon If You Do Not Have A Microwave
Other efficient ways to defrost your bacon

Cold Water

Using cold water is an additional risk-free option to defrost frozen bacon. Using cold water may not push the thawing speed effectively, but it is a secure and advised method for defrosting any kind of meat.

To begin the thawing procedure, get the frozen bacon, place it into a plastic zip-lock bag to ensure no water gets close to the bacon, add cold tap water to your bowl, and put the zip-lock bag in the cold water bath.

The weight of the bacon will ultimately determine how long it takes to defrost.

Warm Water

The warm water approach is also a go-to pick for bacon defrosting. But the baby pink tint that bacon often has can be replaced with a very grayish and unpleasant look when using hot or boiling water. Thus, just use warm water.

Put your bacon in a waterproof zip-lock bag. Take a large bowl and fill it halfway with lukewarm water.

Avoid overfilling the bowl because it will overflow and leave a mess when submerging your ziplock bag. Put the frozen bacon inside the water bowl and let it sit there for roughly 5 minutes (even a bit longer) to thaw.

In The Oven

If you don’t have a microwave or are simply trying to be more environmentally friendly, defrost bacon in your oven.

After taking the frozen bacon out of its package and placing it on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, preheat your oven from low to medium heat.

Put some aluminum foil around the bacon and place it in the oven to defrost once the oven has been heated. After five minutes, take it out of the oven and unwrap it to check the outcome.

You can apply many methods, including the microwave
You can apply many methods, including the microwave

The Bottom Line

It’s non-debatable to have a nutritious breakfast with bacon as one of the top-notch choices.

It adds flavor to eggs, wraps around waffles, and is the star of countless breakfast sandwiches. And now, you’ve grabbed how to defrost bacon in the microwave.  Let’s make it quick and start a new day with tasty, crispy bacon.

You could have out-of-the-box doings with this recipe, but try to keep the basic steps for this dish. Share this far-out read with your besties and have bliss together.