A Detailed Guide On Can You Microwave Spam – Find Out Now!


Spam is a very popular dish served in almost all places worldwide. It is used as a main dish as well as a side accompaniment.

This blog will talk about problems with canned meat and answer the most asked question on this type of food, “Can you microwave spam?” and more!

What Is Spam?

Spam is a canned meat product made from pork, ham, or chicken that has been seasoned, smoked, and heated in cans for a long time. Although considered junk food, it is loved and popular in all parts of the world.


Many people do not like this dish because it does not have much nutritional value and is considered unhealthy. However, there is no denying their appealing taste and convenience when you want a quick bite and are too busy to cook a proper meal.

How To Take It From A Can?

If your food can have a key on the lid, all you need to do is take the key and pull the lid up from the outside to the inside. Be careful with your hand pressure, or else you can break the key.

If your can has no key on the lid, use an opening tool. A can opener is the most useful and fastest way to open a sealed can.

  • Place the blade on the edge of the lid and clamp the opener arms firmly on the one hand.
  • Use your other hand to twist its handle clockwise so that the blade can cut around the lid.
  • You can twist it until the cutting edge cuts off the box’s lid or leave about 1 cm so that the lid does not fall into the meat.

Once you open the sealed container, you should empty all the liquid into a gutting pan or similar instrument. 

You can also use a knife or fork to punch holes on the lid, but you’ll probably turn your junk food into a mess!

Can You Microwave Spam?

So can you put spam in the microwave? Yes, it’s the fastest way too!

People believed that they couldn’t put this junk food in the microwave. This misconception surfaced due to its operating principle; as such, many consumers thought this would cause the fat molecules of the product to thicken and thus taste terrible. 

However, now you can cook this junk food in a microwave without worrying about it tasting bad! The secret is accurate time.

If you leave it in there any longer than necessary, you risk overcooking the outside layers while leaving the insides cold (a complete waste of time). Instead, set aside a short period for cooking and follow cooking times given on packaging!

Can You Eat The Dish Without Cooking?

Whether it’s spam or any other canned meat, you can eat them immediately without reheating or cooking unless there is “non-instant” on the label. 

They have been cooked before reaching your hands, but why are we never eating them raw?

The meat is almost always cooked a second time because let’s face it: it’s not very good the first time around. It’s a little mushy, has no flavor, and is far from what we call “delicious”! Though it’s not too bad to eat, fry or sauté will taste more pleasant.

How To Preheat The Meat?

We have tried out our new microwave recipe on high to make the best dishes; it’s easy you’ll understand the process and the tricks to make it a yummy one. If you’re still wondering can you heat up spam in the microwave, here is the step-by-step guide!

Take It Out Of The Tin

Please don’t put the whole box in the machine; take it out and put it on a porcelain plate (or anything compatible with the device).

Cut It In Slices


Cut it into slices according to your liking, avoiding cutting too thick, or else you will make the food still cold inside when microwaving. Slicing it will help the food to cook faster and more evenly.

Place The Meat In The Reheating Tool

Now that you have your slices ready, put the plate in the machine, select the preheat mode, and set the time to 30 seconds. If needed, go for another round and turn the slices over to cook them evenly on both sides. In the second round, you can set the time for 20 seconds.

Your Dish Is Now Ready!

So that’s how to cook spam in the microwave!

The final step is taking it out of the machine, and you can sprinkle some pepper on it for an extra spicy note.

how to cook spam in the microwave

Your dish is now ready to enjoy, eaten with eggs, over rice, with macaroni, in a sandwich, or with cheese and crackers for a fuller meal!

How Long Should You Preheat It?

As mentioned above, canned meats are already cooked before they reach you. You need not cook it again; just reheat it. So how long do you microwave spam?

According to the instructions, reheating canned food takes only 20-30 seconds. If you leave them on for 1 minute or more, your food may burn to the edges. 

If it doesn’t feel hot enough, you can turn them over and reheat for another 20-25 seconds.

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Final Thoughts

Some people love it, and others hate it because this type of junk food doesn’t have the best reputation. It is a very useful and convenient food and can be a great addition to any meal. 

Moreover, when cooked properly, this food can be a great source of protein and a very tasty meal. We hope this article has been helpful for you to learn can you microwave spam and how to preheat it properly.  

This blog is just one of our useful kitchen tips, and if you want to find more cooking hacks, feel free to visit our website or leave a comment below, we’re ready to assist!