How To Microwave Bacon (Without Paper Towels)?


Bacon is the perfect choice for busy meals. For breakfast, you can often enjoy it with toast, eggs, pancakes, or bread. Or you can use it with rice and noodles for lunch and dinner.

Besides cooking sowbelly in a pan or oven, you can also cook it in the microwave (MW). Many people often use paper towels (PT) to line the plate or bowl before placing each pork slide on top. This method helps to absorb the fat melting from it.

However, this method often causes the tissue to stick to the dish or no tissue. This article will show you how to microwave bacon without paper towels. Stay on reading and learn more tips for your kitchen.


Can You Cook Bacon In The Microwave Without Paper Towels?

You absolutely can do that. 

First, use a microwave-safe, heat-resistant bowl and turn it upside down on a plate of similar properties. Then, you put the slide pork in an upside-down bowl and put it in the oven for 1 minute. All the grease will drain into the plate, and the piece of meat will be crispier.

Here are a few tips and tricks that help you have delicious crispy dishes, even without using a paper towel while grilling.

How To Microwave Bacon Without Paper Towel?

When cooking in the small oven, the fat or oil from the pork will melt. Therefore, many people often use paper towels placed on the plate to absorb the oil. However, you can use a clean dishcloth to substitute for paper towel in microwave. With the following steps:

Step 1: Choose a plate and a bowl that is at least 1 inch smaller in diameter than the plate.

Step 2: Fold the clean dishcloth neatly and place it on top of the plate so that the cloth covers its surface. Then, turn the bowl upside down on it.

Step 3: Arrange slices of bacon around the bowl.

Step 4: Adjust the oven to high heat and cook the salted pork. Depending on the thickness of each slide, this process will take about 1-2 minutes or longer.

Step 5: Use gloves to take out both the plate and the bowl.

Step 6: Let the salted pork cool down. You can arrange it on a plate and enjoy it.

Dishcloths can be reused by washing with warm water and soap. The warm water will help the oil dissolve, while the soap will remove dirt and oil from the fabric.

Tips To Microwave Bacon Without Paper Towel

Using a bowl to grill is the most convenient method for rashers. This method helps the dish cook quickly, be crispy, and reduce the amount of fat.

Besides, cooking on a plate without a paper towel is not too much of a problem. You can then use tongs or chopsticks to move the cooked pork to another plate. In this way, the excess fat during cooking is unabsorbed again.

Is It Healthy To Cook Bacon In The Microwave Without Paper Towels?

Using paper towels while cooking will remove some fat that melts as the meat heats up. Similarly, using the bowl upside down on the plate with the cloth underneath also helps to remove this fat.

The saturated fats in the salted pork increase the risk of heart disease. Therefore, when eliminating them, they reduce this fat that the body may absorb.

Besides, this food contains quite a lot of salt. Therefore, you should limit eating them too much to avoid causing excess salt for the body.


What Else Can I Use As A Substitute For Paper Towel In Microwave?

The material used to make the alternative has to be non-combustible in the micro-cook to replace paper towels. They can be:

  • Dish or Chux cloth
  • Microfiber wipe
  • Tea cloth
  • Tissue
  • Thin sponge
  • Napkin

Related questions

How Many Minutes Do You Cook Bacon In The Microwave?

A rasher takes 1-2 minutes to get crispy in the small oven. However, with thick slices, this time may be longer.

If you intend to cook large amounts of them, use a pan instead of the micro-oven. It may control the doneness of the meat better.

Is Microwaved Sowbelly Healthier Than Pan-Fried One?

The sowbelly has fewer calories and fat than pan-frying when baked in the small oven. Many recent data have confirmed it.

Researchers have found that micro-cooked and pan-fried contain 25 calories and 40 calories, respectively. Besides, the fat in the micro-cooked is two grams, and the pan-fried is over three grams.

Does The Salted Pork Go Crispy In The Microwave?

Depending on the thickness of the meat, the crispiness achieved when grilling in this small oven may be various. However, when compared to meat cooked in a pan and grilled, the crispness is not equal.

Can You Get Bacon That Is Made For The Microwave?

The thickness of the salted pork will determine the quality when cooked in the Microwave. If the meat is thick, the doneness of the meat will be difficult to control. It can even be crispy on the outside and still raw on the inside.

Smoking pork suitable for cooking in the Microwave should be thin and cooked quickly. Thus, it both ensures the crispiness and evenness of the meat.

Alternatively, you can also buy cooked meat or cook it before you put it in the Microwave. It ensures a delicious, quick, and perfect piece of dish for your meal.


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So, you already know another method to microwave bacon without paper towels. By using a combination of a bowl, plate, and dishcloth, you may be able to remove some of the fat from the meat without sticking to the meat.

Besides, grilling meat in the Microwave will help reduce calories and fat intake compared to pan-fried. Not every thickness of meat is easily beaten by a Microwave, though. However, using it can reduce cooking time, especially when you are in a hurry.

Hopefully, the above method may help you have delicious bacon meals with your family and friends.

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