How To Reheat Sweet Potato. Detail Guideline & Helpful Tips


In modern life, the microwave has become an indispensable device for many families. Many people use the function of reheating food such as sweet potatoes.

So how to reheat sweet potato with a microwave oven is nothing more than the traditional method: Help the potatoes taste better and keep full nutrition, ensure hygiene, and be safe for health. The next section will guide you in detail step by step, don’t miss it!

How To Reheat Sweet Potato

Can You Reheat Sweet Potato In A Microwave?

Yes. With the way to reheat sweet potatoes in the microwave, you can shorten the processing time and do many other things simultaneously without having to stand on fire or not knowing whether to boil sweet potatoes with a lid.

However, heating potatoes and vegetables in a microwave oven make them explode easily. There is no ventilation measure in the ingredients during the cooking process.

To fix this, you need to use a sharp object to poke small holes around the potato before placing it in the baking tray. This tip will help sweet potatoes be both delicious and cook evenly without leading to air compression.

How To Reheat Sweet Potato?

In A Microwave

Place the potatoes on a tray and put them in the microwave. At this time, you need to choose the time to boil the sweet potatoes and the appropriate heat mode.

On average, you can cook about 100 grams of potatoes (about the size of 1 tuber) in 2 minutes. At the same time, adjust the reheat or defrost mode.

Next, open the oven, remove the tray of potatoes, and turn it over. Push the sweet potato tray back into the microwave and continue cooking for another 2 minutes to heat evenly. Now take out the finished product and enjoy.

In addition, depending on the type of sweet potato, you will have different ways of doing it.

Fries Ones

To restore the crisp quality of the fries, lay them in one browning pan with room for each fry. Warm the microwave sharper pan for 5 min, then nuke all sweet potatoes cooked on the heated tray.

Tasty sweet potato fries
Tasty sweet potato fries

Steamed Ones

The microwaves are the quickest way to heat steamed and roasted sweet potatoes. However, it has the risk of drying out. Divide your sweet potatoes into halves and lay a moist paper towel over them.

Now, place the microwave-safe dish on top, then warm for 5 min on 100 percent power using one sweet potato.

Add 3 minutes with each extra sweet potato when reheating over one sweet potato. More importantly, remember to rotate or flip each side halfway until the center of the sweet potatoes reaches 165°F.

You also can reheat steamed ones in the microwave

Mashed Ones

To begin, transfer the mashed ones to one casserole bowl and evenly spread the surface. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave for about 1 minute on high.

Microwave the potatoes for a further minute, stirring halfway through. If it’s too thick, add more milk or a spoonful of butter to soften it.

Chopped ones

Transfer your chopped servings from the sealed container to the dish. Then, you will microwave your sweet potato for about 1 minute, mix, and then microwave for another minute.

The chopped sweet potatoes can be heated quickly in a microwave - Source: Flickr
The chopped sweet potatoes can be heated quickly in a microwave – Source: Flickr

In An Oven

This approach is ideal for reheating leftover baked potatoes and potato fries. Just prepare the oven to about 40oF, place all sweet potatoes on a baking pan coated with parchment paper, and bake for 20-30 minutes, based on the kind of sweet potatoes.

If you’re heating sweet potato chips, 15 minutes should be sufficient. Again, according to their sizes, baked potatoes may require additional time.

In A Pan

This simple and quick recipe is ideal for sautéed or mashed sweet potatoes. It takes 4 minutes to reheat leftover potatoes to perfection.

Put your burner to medium or medium-low heat, add a little amount of cooking oil spray or cooking oil to your pan to keep the potatoes from sticking, and once the oil gets heated, you can add the leftover potato to the pan.

If the oil has been warmed, the duration should be no more than a few minutes. This approach is not good for reheating baked or wedged ones, and I would not suggest it.

You can also reheat sweet potatoes with a pan - Source: Flickr
You can also reheat sweet potatoes with a pan – Source: Flickr

In An Air Fryer

Can you reheat sweet potatoes in an air fryer? The answer is definitely yes. Using one air fryer for reheating fries is a great alternative because it doesn’t make your fries mushy or burn them. An air fryer can reheat the fries faster than the oven, giving additional crispness to your remaining fries.

Here’s a simple step-by-step procedure for reheating fries inside an air fryer:

  1. Set the oven temperature to 180oC.
  2. Ensure the remaining fries are still not contacting one another and are evenly distributed in the air fryer basket. The flames will not cling together by spreading all the fries in the fryer basket.
  3. Spray the remaining fries with your preferred oil.
  4. Heat the leftover fries for 3 minutes. While removing the fries from your air fryer, please shake them well.

If you’re reheating frozen fries in your air fryer, cook them for 10 minutes instead of 3.

Tips To Reheat A Sweet Potato In Microwave

For this appliance, you can choose to reheat food and defrost to cook food by boiling method. You can also select the grill function to heat the sweet potatoes. Because, for the microwave, there’s not much difference between baking, boiling, or steaming.

Each microwave oven has a different operating capacity. Therefore, the boiling time of potatoes is also additional. To better understand this, you can refer to some of the following information:

  • If using a microwave at 600 W, boil sweet potatoes for about 1.5 minutes on each side to cook. If using the microwave at 300 W, the cooking time for sweet potatoes is about 3 minutes.
  • You want to know how many minutes it takes to reheat sweet potatoes in the microwave? You need to understand what type of potato you use. With regular yellow sweet potatoes, you need 2-3 minutes.
  • With Japanese sweet potatoes, if using the grill function, the potatoes also need 3 minutes to cook. Also, purple sweet potatoes are similar.
  • Pierce a sweet potato with a thin knife and fork. Furthermore, stab each potato 5–6 times. If you want soft ones, cover them with a moist paper towel after that.
  • A paper towel ensures that a sweet potato cooks evenly. You can make perfect microwaved sweet potatoes with very little effort using these two steps.


How To Store Cooked Sweet Potatoes?

Cooked potatoes are perishable products that must be stored out of the temperature risk zone between 41°F and140°F, based on the USDA. As a result, they should be refrigerated to prevent quick deterioration and proliferation by food-borne microorganisms.

Putting leftover potatoes in a freezer can cause them to become mushy and soft. As a result, it is preferable to keep them inside the fridge and remember to consume them over two to three days.

Can You Reheat Sweet Potato Mash?

It’s simple to reheat mashed potatoes! There are various ways to heat mashed ones. These options include reheating inside a stove, slow cooker, or oven.

We suggest warming leftover potato mash in your oven. Although a range requires marginally longer than the stove, it adds a small crunch to the mash.

Can You Reheat Sweet Potato Twice?

You must not reheat leftover potatoes again, especially if they have been at ambient temperature for an extended period of time. Bacteria can grow if the leftover foods you wish to heat have been kept at that temperature for an extended amount of time.

If the bacterium that forms on all sweet potatoes is ingested, it might result in food poisoning. If the meal is quite hot, reheating a sweet potato may not always eradicate the harmful germs.

How Long Should You Microwave The Sweet Potatoes?

It generally takes three to five minutes to reheat a medium-sized one properly. Reheating sweet potato inside the microwave takes three to ten minutes, depending on the dish.

The current temperature of the meal makes a significant impact on reheating timing. If a sweet potato should be removed from the stove and allowed to come to ambient temperature for half an hour, reheating it will take less microwave time than the frozen dish with mashed ones.


How to reheat sweet potato? Reheating leftover food in the microwave is a quiet technique of reheating. Most people avoid using a microwave to reheat leftover fries since it does not safeguard or enhance the taste of your sweet potato.

The fries might become mushy and uncomfortable when you heat sweet potatoes in the microwave.