Everything About Microwave Hot Dog – Chef’s Secret


Microwaves are convenient when it comes to heating foods. Just a few minutes, and you have everything ready to eat. That is why at the time we crave a hot dog, we immediately think of the microwave, so how to microwave hot dogs without them exploding? We share the secret from chefs here.

microwave hot dogs

Can You Microwave Hot Dogs?

Yes. You can. Microwave hot dogs are considered the most convenient way to make the hot dog ready to eat. Generally, sausage is precooked, so you have nothing to sweat about. Your job is to reheat it at the temp of 165℉, and then it is ready to serve.

Why 165℉ is the right temperature to preheat your sausage. If the bacteria named listeria in the meat is still alive at lower temperatures, it can cause you sick later on.

You should be very cautious on this matter, particularly if you have a weak immune system, are elderly, or are a mother-to-be.

On top of that, going beyond the ideal temp, your hot dogs will be overcooked. You will not like the hard, dry sausage at all.

Remember to use the specified microwave when proceeding with the job, as you don’t want to see a plastic or metal plate melting inside.

Not only will chemicals from the plastic seep into your foods, but an explosion might also be on the horizon. Either way, it is not safe for your health. BPA from plastic can affect the prostate gland and brain health.

How To Cook A Hot Dog In The Microwave?

Tips To Microwave Hot Dogs

Retain the juicy

To do that, you need a paper towel to cover your hot dogs. The wet type will work perfectly. All the steam & juices are stuck inside, and then you have the scrumptious & plump sausage.

Maintain a 30 secs interval

Each time you nuke the sausage, don’t forget that no longer than 30 seconds is a good interval to prevent your food from exploding, hardening, or burning.

Pierce sausage skin

Using a knife tip to poke/cut on the hot dogs’ coating before putting them in the microwave will prevent the steam from being trapped, then there is no scary explosion later on.


  • microwave cover/damp paper towel/microwave-safe plastic wrap.
  • meat thermometer.
  • hot dogs.
  • microwave.
  • a hungry stomach.

How To Do

Step 1: Defrost frozen sausage

You should not put frozen hot dogs into the microwave right after they come out of the fridge. The heat can not expand evenly to all sausages, ruining your delectable meal. Instead, some outer parts tend to be more crispy, dry, and even burn when the inside part is still cold.

We recommend letting it sit to defrost in the cool refrigerator compartment for at least 6 hours, preferably all night, to thaw. When you touch it and feel the softness, it is ready to cook/reheat.

Step 2: Clean your microwave

It goes without saying that a clean microwave will work better than the dirty one as it will not trap any peculiar smell or mold that affects your delicious food. So, please spend a few minutes cleaning and disinfecting your microwave to do its best.

Step 3: Pierce your hot dog skin.

A knife or fork is ok. If you want it to be beautiful, cut it evenly on both sides. The tip here is to divide and pierce the sausage skin into 2 parts, then 4, etc.

That is the way you have the balanced divider. When it comes out from the microwave, it will bloom beautifully.

Step 4: Put your desired number of hot dogs into the microwave plate

At this step, don’t forget to cover your sausage with a wet paper towel, one by one, if your wet paper is not big enough to cover them all.

Alternatively, microwave cover/damp paper towel/microwave-safe plastic wrap can be used to cover your hot dogs. You can use it as long as it is safe to put into the microwave.

Step 5: Turn on the microwave

Set the timer to 30 seconds. Then use the meat thermometer to check whether the sausages reach 65℉. If it is still not at the right temp, flip your sausages over and continue your heating process.

Your cooking time can differ based on the number of sausages and appliance wattage. Check your reheating batch after every 30 secs to see whether it needs another heat wave.

Step 6: Enjoy your food

Use microwave gloves to bring your sausage out. Remove the paper towel and enjoy your food.

How To Microwave Hot Dog

How Long To Microwave Hot Dogs?

As we have mentioned above, 30 seconds is the typical time your sausage is reheated perfectly in the microwave, and then, if your sausage still needs more time, 15 seconds is a good number to go on to.

Don’t go over this ideal number to microwave hot dogs time perfectly. Or else, your sausage will become too dry!

How Long To Microwave Hot Dogs?

Hot Dogs Side Dishes

Potato Salad

Hot dogs and potato salad are a perfect match. One belongs to veggies, and the other one belongs to meat. You can have vitamins, fiber, minerals, and protein simultaneously when putting them together in a meal.

Pasta Salad

What’s better than putting your sausage into the pasta salad and then enjoying the day? The taste of noodles mixed with the fatty, chewy hot dogs will make your meal even more craving.

French Fries

The meaty texture, the sausage’s softness, and the fries’ crispiness will persuade any diner. If you love trying new things, we recommend replacing potatoes with sweet potatoes. It will give you a special twist when paired with sausages.

Vegetable Salad

If you follow a keto diet, vegetables like broccoli and lettuce will make the best salad. The contrasting taste of fresh veggies and sausage will explode in your mouth right at the first bite.

Hot Dogs Side Dishes


Is It Possible To Consume A Hot Dog In A Cold State?

Yes. It is possible to consume a sausage in a cold state because, in general, they are precooked. However, it will be more scrumptious when it is in a hot condition.

Is It Possible To Microwave A Hot Dog In A Frozen State?

Yes. If you use the microwave thaw function first, it is ok. The method to do it is pretty simple.

First, you put it in a paper tower. Then, place it on a microwave plate, turn on the thaw function, and set the time to 30 secs. When you feel the softness, you can continue to follow the reheat instructions. Otherwise, continue to thaw using a 30 sec interval.

Boiled Or Microwaved, Which Method Is Better For Cooking Hot Dogs?

There is no better way. They bring different types of flavor and are up to your preference. If you love the crispy sausage casing, then the microwave is how you can retain it. Otherwise, the no-greasy flavors will satisfy people who love boiled sausage.

Is It Possible To Cook Hot Dogs In A Microwave With Water?

Yes. Here is how to do it. Prepare a bowl that is safe to use in the microwave, then place your sausage into it. Next, pour water into the bowl.

The water should reach the sausage surface, but haftway is fine. After that, turn on the microwave and set the time for 75 secs on high mode. And there you have it.

Is It Possible To Cook Hot Dogs In A Microwave With Water?


Final Thoughts

Now you have all the know-how to microwave hot dog.

Hot dogs are one of the easiest and fast meals to prepare. That is why it has become popular and well-favored by many. With these tips, we hope you have the most amazing, safe, and delicious sausage in town. Follow us for more concise and informative cooking tips!