Can You Microwave Milk? – How To Make Hot Milk From It?


A microwave is a useful and necessary device in the kitchen. It assists in reheating food, cooking dishes with pre-cooked ingredients, and defrosting food. Some manufacturers even combine this device and oven to maximize its use.

In particular, milk is the drink many people often reheat with this device. However, many people still want to ask clearly whether: “Can you microwave milk?“, even if they have done it hundreds of times.

This article gives you the answer and many great tips on making a cup of hot cocoa from this drink. Let’s follow it from the beginning to the end!


Can You Microwave Milk?

You can completely use the microwave to have a cup of warm milk, even if it has just come out of the refrigerator. However, to be on the safe side, you should use a cup or bowl that is microwaveable and non-toxic when the temperature rises.

Besides this liquid, you can also reheat any drinks with it in the oven without causing problems.

Stay on reading for more tips when warming this drink in the microwave!

What Happens If You Microwave Milk?

Microwave heat is created via friction generated by electromagnetic radiation that causes water molecules to vibrate and create heat energy.

The hotter the water molecules are, the more rapidly they move. It creates waves of even temperature throughout the beverage, causing it to warm up, not burn.

Besides, the nutritional value can decrease when reheating in this device, especially for breast one. The vitamins and minerals may gradually disappear due to the thermal collision of water molecules.

This nutrient liquid can also burn when the temperature and time are high and long. It will create a layer of protein on top, and when you stir, it will change the texture of this drink.

It would be best to use a lid with a small hole to cover the cup or bowl when warming. This action will reduce the amount of water that evaporates.

Adjusting the temperature and recording time is very important. These factors prevent the beverage’s texture from being damaged and the loss of nutrients when it is overcooked.

Is It Safe To Warm Milk In The Microwave?


Of course, microwaved it is still safe for drinkers. However, you should also be aware of two problems that arise when using this method: overflows when boiling and burns or deposits on the bottom of the container.

Burnt milk sounds strange; however, it can happen when you microwave it. The scorched liquid has a burning smell, changes color, or even original texture.

In the microwave, you can adjust the time and working levels. So, when warming, you should choose the “medium” level. If this liquid is a lot, you should set many intervals to prevent it from overflowing.

Sometimes there is a layer of protein on the surface after being heated. To prevent the liquid from burning and scum, you should rotate it intermittently by stirring after each time. It helps warm it evenly, limiting subsiding.

In addition, after reheating, this beverage may become an ideal place for bacterias. Then, the liquid is easily rancid and not good for health. Therefore, you should not reheat it repeatedly and should use it right away.

What Is The Microwave Setting For The Warming Process?

Most of these devices have temperature settings in the order: Low – Defrost – Medium – Medium High – High. And the warming milk level is often a medium or high medium, optional temperature provided by the oven.

If your device does not have the level as on or you do not have the experience, you can try. First, you set the oven at 5-10 seconds and observe its outside (you should stand a little further away!). Then you take the container out and stir well.

If it is already hot or has deposited on the surface, your oven is hotter than usual. Otherwise, you can increase the time to 15-20 seconds for the next turn.

In addition, you should refer to the instruction manual of the device. Some detail both the level and time of heating this liquid.

How Long Does The Microwave Warm Milk?


You are probably wondering how long to microwave milk. Most types of this liquid have the same adjustment, and you also need to pay attention to each detail.

You need 45 – 60 seconds for whole milk to warm it on a medium level. Besides, every 15 seconds, you must stir once. This action supports it to heat evenly, limiting layering on the top and bottom of the cup or bowl.

Plant-based one, made of nuts, soy, rice, etc., does the same as above.

For the baby, the above requirements need to be strictly implemented. Children’s skin is thin, and they are often in a hurry to drink, so it is easy to get burned. When the process is done, you should stir it again and test how hot it is on the back of your hand. This last step should wait 30 seconds after warming is done.

How Do You Know The Heating Process Is Done?

Many people mistakenly believe that milk must boil and nearly overflow for the healing process to complete. However, this only shows that your drink has been overheated and lost many nutrients.

One more noticeable thing is the condensation inside the device’s door. At that time, you should take out the cup, stir well and test the temperature. If it is not as you expect, you can reheat it. 

But, do not leave the layer of protein on the surface; otherwise, the protein layer will disrupt its taste and texture.


Tips For Microwaving

How To Microwave Milk In The Best

Remember the following tips of how to warm milk in the microwave to have a delicious and nutritious cup of warm liquid:

  • Pour it into a microwave-safe container.
  • Set the temperature to medium or medium-high: if your device does not divide it like that, you can use the defrost level. It will reduce the power by half, helping the drink boil safely.
  • Stir it frequently every 15 seconds
  • Leave the liquid for 30 seconds after heating: then stir well, and test the temperature before drinking.

Which Kitchen Tools Are Safe To Use In The Microwave?

The cooking utensils placed in this device usually have a symbol on them. If you are not sure what material is suitable or not, you should not put it in the oven at all. They can damage the oven, cause an explosion, or poison food. You can consider some of the materials below:

  • The glass, ceramic, or wood tableware: except those chipped or rimmed with metal, silver, gold, etc.
  • High heat-resistant glassware: avoid cracked or chipped items. Besides, you also avoid using their lids and remove metal components if present.
  • Plastic No.5 (or symbol “PP” ): this plastic is made from safe and non-toxic polypropylene.
  • Food wrap: but avoid the wrap from touching food.
  • Oven cooking bags: these often come with pre-wrapped foods, and you can cook them in the oven. In addition, there are bags made of special materials that can be used for liquids.
  • Microwave-safe thermometer: it helps you monitor the temperature of food right in the oven, instead of having to take it out to measure.


Using Microwave To Make A Cup Of Hot Chocolate

Can You Microwave Milk For Hot Chocolate?

The most common way to create a cup of hot chocolate is to add boiling water to cacao powder. However, you can do it faster with a cup of chocolate and a hint of full-fat milk.

First, you heat this nutrient liquid in the microwave to 140°F. As above, you cook for 45 – 60 seconds and stir every 15 seconds. To measure the temperature, you can use a microwave-safe thermometer or take the cup out of the oven and measure.

After taking out the cup, it would help if you remembered to put the cocoa powder in another one and pour the milk in. Do not pour the cocoa powder into a hot one (or any powder into hot water).

Each chocolate brand has its secret formula. Therefore, you should read their instructions before making. Then you may have the right standard cup of cocoa.

How Long To Microwave It For Hot Chocolate?

The heating process to have a cup of hot chocolate can take from 45 – 90 seconds. The more ingredients you add, the longer the cooking time will be.

For example, you can add sugar, cinnamon, marshmallow, etc., during the heating process. That’s the amount of time you take out and stir every 15 seconds. Each ingredient added will help the taste better dissolve and the temperature maintained.


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“Can you microwave milk?” Of course, yes. Not only can you heat this drink, but you can also make many other mixes with it, like hot choco, with this device.

It would help if you poured it into a microwave-safe container. Next, adjust the device to medium level or medium-high. The usual warming time is 45 – 60 seconds, with every 15 seconds stirring. Remember to always stir well and test the temperature before using, especially for children.

This article has answered most of your questions and the information you need to have a warm and delicious cup of milk. Do not forget any tips to make it healthier!