How To Microwave Sausages: Bite-sized Tips For Folks!


Microwaving sausages is the best bet for those who want a quick and simple preparation. Well, we’re here to unveil the optimum steps to microwave sausages and yield a magical and sensible taste. Every other question you may have about this task will also be solved here.

Trust us; you may master cooking this type of food this way. Get the ball rolling and explore!

Have the sausages heated using a microwave
Have the sausages heated using a microwave

Is It Safe To Cook Sausages In The Microwave?

Yes. It does no harm to microwave sausages in the microwave.

Cook the sausages in the microwave at a high power setting, turning them over once halfway through. Make sure they are entirely cooked for serving.

Doing this makes a fast and straightforward dinner. Just stick to the guidelines below, and you’ll get excellent results every time.

But remember to only use microwave-safe dishes or plates for cooking this way. Other plastic or low-quality products may melt the toxic substances and harm you when you consume the sausages.

How To Microwave Sausages: 6 Quick Steps

How To Microwave Sausages: 6 Quick Steps
How To Microwave Sausages: 6 Quick Steps

Cut Up And Prick

Use a pair of shears or a knife to separate the sausages if they are glued together. Then, use the fork to poke the sausages numerous times.

Place Into Microwave-Safe Dish

Stack all sausages in a single layer on a microwave-safe plate. Please microwave no more than six sausages at a time.


Put a lid on the plate or wrap it with grade cling film, food-safe plastic wraps, or a kitchen towel to keep the sausages fresh.

Microwave On High

Microwave all sausages on high for 2-4 minutes for 2 sausages, 4-5 minutes for 4 ones, and 7-8 minutes for 6, depending on their size. After that time, you should check to see if the sausages are done.

This setting would optimize the food’s flavor and save cooking time.

Peel Skins

Sausage casings will be prone to peel and chewy within. Thus, at this stage, you should get rid of the skins.


Pair them with your regular breakfast fare or a heaping helping of yummy mash at dinner. Be creative about serving it with any food and beverages you’re into.

Extra Tips

microwave sausages meal
microwave sausages meal

Prick Sausages

Pricking sausages before microwaving them helps keep them from bursting and lets any excess liquid escape.

Brown Quickly Afterwards

Microwaved sausages could lack texture and color. After cooking, you should brown them quickly by placing them in a hot pan. They may seem strong, but their lack of skin makes them delicate.


It is essential to drain the moisture escaping from the sausages during cooking. The liquid will have an unpleasant greasy flavor. Consuming this liquid while enjoying the sausages is not a good idea.

The Advantages Of Cooking Sausages In The Microwave

There are many ways to cook this food. On the other hand, every approach has its flaws.

You can cook it in the microwave in a short time, and unlike other methods, it retains some of its nutritional value.

One advantage is that it creates less cleanup hassle than preparing them on the stove. After cooking, you do not need to stress over grease splatters in the microwave.

One more perk of microwaving sausages is that it requires minimal effort from you. You can get other things done while they cook using your microwave.

This is an excellent solution if you’re short on time or have other things to take care of while the sausages are cooking.

The microwave is convenient for cooking
The microwave is convenient for cooking

Final Thoughts

When you microwave sausages, it’s essential to consider both the wattage of your microwave and the recommended cooking time. Overall, this food requires a minimum microwaving time of 2-8 minutes. Try to take them out timely to avoid overcooking.

As we discussed earlier, the procedure is straightforward to perform. Giving it a try is worth it, and you can nail it after several times.

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