Microwave Dumplings: The Optimum 5 Steps To Conduct!


Since they’re so easy to adapt, dumplings can be found in various cuisines, notably in Asia. Shrimp, meat, vegetables, or even cheese may all make decent fillings. They are also compatible with multiple cooking methods, like microwaving. So, how to microwave dumplings?

With just some quick and simple steps, we can make delectable dishes. It’s even more fantastic to have them with a rich soup or a tangy dipping sauce. That’s sick!

Find out the process without further ado!

Microwave Dumplings

Can You Microwave Dumplings?

Can You Microwave Dumplings?

Yes, definitely! And here is why:

A Go-to Substitute To A Conventional Steamer

While a steamer is a good pick for heating your dumplings, you can replace it with the microwave if you do not have a steamer available or if it gets broken accidentally.

Full Of Flavor

The dumplings will keep most of their unique flavor by microwaving since the steam and fluids they produce during cooking will stay in them.

How To Microwave Dumplings

We’re not telling you how to make the easy Asian dumplings, just the way to warm them up with a microwave.

So, how to steam dumplings in microwave? Dumplings can go well with the frying pan or steamer, as usual. Attempting to make crispy dumplings using a microwave can burn them or turn them into mush. Hence, you should follow suit with our guide below.

Prepare A Damp Kitchen Or Paper Towel

You may create the steam necessary to cook your dumplings using a microwave. Just place a moist kitchen or paper towel on a microwave-safe dish before adding the dumplings.

Arrange Them On A Microwave-safe Dish Or Plate

To stop your dumplings from sticking to your damp towel, place parchment paper on it. Then, put all your dumplings on the paper towel orderly, preventing them from touching another one.

Cover Dumplings With A Bowl

To achieve the optimal steaming effect, you’ll need one bowl or microwave-safe container large enough to hold all the steam produced by the damp paper towel.


Based on their filling, dumplings can be microwaved for anywhere from three to five minutes on medium power.

Flip & Re-microwave

To ensure uniform doneness throughout the dumplings, turn them over halfway during cooking and reheat until hot.

How To Microwave Dumplings

Pro Tips To Microwave Dumplings Better

Adopt A Cup Of Water Instead

Replace microwave-safe water bowls if you do not have a paper towel or kitchen towel available. As long as the water doesn’t overflow and mess in the microwave, the dumplings should be Ok.

Heat Meat Dumplings For Longer

Fillings for dumplings can range from veggies to meats and everything in between. Allow 2-7 mins of cooking time while microwaving uncooked dumplings stuffed with meat to guarantee the meat is thoroughly cooked.

Finish Off In The Pan

The one-sided crunchiness is a must for any Asian dumpling. Nevertheless, this is extremely difficult to accomplish in a microwave.

The dumplings would still be yummy without this crispy coating, but it would be hard to expect anything better than that.

Thus, after microwaving your dumplings for 1 min, fry them on a thin layer of oil in a frying pan for another 1 minute. This way helps you enjoy the best dumplings’ taste and texture.

Pro Tips To Microwave Dumplings Better

How Do You Tell If Dumplings Are Fully Cooked?

Ensure your dumplings are done by inserting a fork into one and slicing it in half. It is ready to serve when the middle is cooked through and is no longer doughy or dense.

Undercooking will result in raw-inside dumplings. Beyond that, they may contain bacteria that can risk your health if you consume them.

How Long Do You Cook Dumplings In The Microwave?

The amount of time needed to cook dumplings varies with their quantity. For up to 10 dumplings, you’ll need roughly 3 minutes in the microwave.

To microwave frozen dumplings, 3 mins are enough too.

Take-home Messages!

An Asian chef would probably make fun of you if you asked whether you could microwave dumplings. Indeed, it’s not conventional, yet in fact, it’s completely doable.

Adhere to the proper steps. Then your effort will pan out with flawless dumplings for get-togethers. Have a blast with your buddies by sharing this post with them!