Can You Pop Microwave Popcorn on The Stove? – 5 Easy Steps


We all love popcorn, a yummy and tasty snack we always have when going to the cinema. However, the price for a small pouch in the cinema and of course you are not happy with that.

For that reason, you decide to make popcorn by yourself at home, and for your convenience, the microwave stands out as a prominent candidate-making process.

At that time, you have no idea whether it’s plausible to pop this popcorn on the stove. Therefore you ask your friend, “Can You Pop Microwave Popcorn on The Stove?”. Unfortunately, your buddy scratches and shakes his head. 

That’s why we are here to solve this issue for you and arm you with other relevant knowledge. Let’s go!


Can You Pop Microwave Popcorn On The Stove?

Microwave popcorn can, of course, be popped on the stove. Popcorn, oil, and seasoning are needed. 

You can cook it by dumping all the ingredients inside the bag into a saucepan or a pot with a lid on, adding oil if you need it, and cooking it under the right temperature for a few minutes before popping.

When you already know how to cook it properly, you will figure out that cooking microwave and stove-top popcorn is nothing new.


There is not much difference between the store-bought and microwaveable ones, except that the microwave has other ingredients such as butter, oil, and salt inside the bag. While with the regular one, you must buy them individually.

That’s why your microwaveable popcorn can be cooked as the regular one.

How To Pop Microwave Popcorn On The Stove?

When you already know that microwave popcorn can pop on the stove as the regular one, you start to ask yourself, “How To Pop Microwave Popcorn On The Stove?” 

The answer is quite simple, treat these microwave treats like a normal ones and apply the same process.

People usually bring these sweet treats with them on their holiday, hoping that where they rent will have a microwave. Nonetheless, life always knows its way to hit us on the head in the least expected time.

Therefore, if you can cook every kind other than in a microwave, on a stove, or another device, then your travel buddies will think of you as a savior.

If you don’t rely on any device to cook the tasty popcorn, you can always have it available to munch whenever you want.

How To Make Popcorn On The Stove In 5 Easy Steps?

It’s not a science rocket when cooking microwaveable popcorn with the stove. Just follow these steps, you can have a bowl of delicious snacks.


  1. Choose a pot or a saucepan in your kitchen utensil that is usually used for cooking spaghetti, as kernels will occupy a lot of space when popping.
  2. Then pour one tablespoon of oil into the pot and set the stove to medium-low. As microwave popcorn comes with a butter pack, just a little oil is enough.
    However, you can pour as much oil as you want. Moreover, there is no restriction on which oil should be used to pop it, so all types of cooking oil are acceptable. To make your dish more flavorful, you can add flavors like salt, pepper, or even herbs.
  1. Dump the right amount of kernels into the heating container and then stir them to make sure they are coated with oil; after that, add the additional butter to the bag.
  2. Your next action is to put the lid on the pot and wait for the heat to do its job. A quick reminder that you should have your eye on this pot, shake it mildly as well as turn them over to make sure that all the kernels inside will pop properly.
    And do not open the lid when carrying out these actions.

How To Pop Microwave Popcorn On The Stove

  1. Turn off the flame when you hear the pops fade away and check if the dish is still warm by smelling or looking at it. A lid that allows you to see through would be helpful as you can see inside the pot.
    If you notice the kernels become yellowish or brownish, pull them out and continue popping the others.
    After a few times, this process is no longer a strange thing to you. You will have experience adjusting the right temperature for optimal popping regardless of the type of burners you are having.

Can You Cook Microwave Popcorn Without A Microwave?

The answer to “Can you cook microwave popcorn without a microwave?” is a big yes. 

An oven or toaster oven can cook perfect popcorn. You must wrap the corn and some oil carefully in aluminum foil paper. Then choose the heat at 450 degrees Fahrenheit and wait for them to pop completely from 8 to 15 minutes.

This dessert can be cooked in the oven, which you might not expect. Corn kernels are steamed and pop because they cook quickly at high temperatures. Meanwhile, ovens take a few minutes to heat up. Isn’t this more effective than popping the kernels? Theoretically, yes.

However, it appears to work fine in practice. People often cook this treat in an oven, as you might read in online anecdotes.

Is Microwave Popcorn Safe to Use In Air Poppers?

Air poppers are not suitable for cooking microwave popcorn because oil is not allowed to add to these devices, so they are not suitable. 

Then you might think that washing off the oil and everything is ready to go. This, however, may not be as straightforward as it appears. 

Because oil is “water-fearing,” it means to clear it out completely from kernels, you have to use soap. And if we eat these soap cleansed treats, our health will be affected badly.

Some Recipes You Might Love

Popcorn made with cinnamon, butter, and sugar has to be one of the easiest recipes out there! Make it savory or sweet to impress your friends.

Olive oil and garlic are healthier alternatives for this meal. You can put a tiny clove of garlic into your meal, and you’ll be eating the strongest antibiotic in existence.


Get maximum melted satisfaction by melting caramel on top as soon as it is hot. Add some butter to the caramel for a gooey, extra satisfying dessert.

The top-quality microwaveable popcorn you can find is a great ingredient that is easy to prepare. Its results are guaranteed to impress you. In the end, quality matters!

Canola oil, peanut oil, or grapeseed oil can be added to have a more delicious snack.

How To Treat A Large Group?

If you’re feeding a big gathering, five bags of microwavable popcorn are enough. Distribute the huge quantity into different bowls, one for each flavor. Experiment with flavors like salt, chile, paprika, dried herbs, and Italian spice for the first batch.

For the second batch, use sweet dessert components such as chocolate, butter, caramel, sugar, cinnamon, and corn syrup. With your incredible knowledge, you may soon be renowned as the best chef in the eyes of your friends.

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After going through this article, you already have the answer to this question “Can You Pop Microwave Popcorn on The Stove?“. You can use many devices to cook them, such as a stove, oven, or toaster oven. However, it’s a different story when it comes to air poppers.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your delicious snacks!