Best Ways To Reheat Shepherds Pie – An Ultimate Guide


Shepherd’s pie is the perfect dish for a cold winter’s day. It’s also the perfect meal to warm up on a cold winter’s evening. But, you might not know how to reheat-shepherds-pie. This blog will take you through the different methods to reheat Shepherds pie.

Best Ways To Reheat Shepherds Pie

By Oven

This method takes about 50 minutes in total, with 10 minutes to put the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit 30-40 minutes for pie baking. Sprinkle on top a little off fresh cheese when you serve to spice things up.


First, heat the oven to 350 F. Then, take the shepherd’s pie from your refrigerator and leave it there for an hour at normal temperature. Coat a 9- by a 13-inch baking dish with cooking spray or butter to prevent sticking (make sure to leave excess oils on the side). 

Once ready, spread some ground beef on top of the mashed potatoes in your baking dish. Sprinkle some diced onion mixed with salt and black pepper on top of the ground beef. 

Cover both layers again with the potatoes—they should be about one inch deep, cover that layer with one last sprinkling of grated cheese, cut into wedges, and serve!

A great way to heat any meal is to stick it in your kitchen microwave for about 30 seconds. Using a slightly damp cloth, adding some moisture back will ensure your food doesn’t get too dried out and helps retain some of its delicious flavors! 

Covering your shepherd’s pie with plastic paper will also help maintain some of its natural moisture without allowing it to dry out completely, but be sure to remove the wrap before placing it in the oven so that you can get that great crispy golden crust going.

By Microwave

Suppose you are wondering how long to reheat shepherd’s pie in the microwave. Well, it requires 30-second intervals; warm your shepherd’s pie using the microwave until heating all over the pie.


Leave the pie to stay still for about 1 minute at least before plating them on trade. Optionally, place yours under a broiler for about one minute or so to give it light crispiness.

First, portion leftover shepherd’s pie onto your microwave plate. If you’ve made it dry, go with a towel to help keep some moisture. Heat in about twenty-second intervals so that your pie can overall be heated. 

Let the shepherd’s pie stay for about one minute before plating. It is best to reheat shepherd’s pie microwave with smaller portions as they give off heat unevenly. 

Large portions may be too cool in spots. But if there is any cheese at the surface, it can get soggy in your cooking tool – so avoid heating large portions with cheese.

By Skillet

To begin with, you need to warm your oiled pan at average heat. Next, you will place around one-quarter of your Shepherd’s Pie in the pan and cook until the color turns light brown.


Then, peel back the foil covering the pie and break it up with a spatula onto the bottom layer of mashed potatoes. Sprinkle in some Frozen Broccoli (or fresh if you prefer) on top of that, as well as Worcestershire Sauce, Ground Beef, and Salt & Pepper to taste.

For this recipe, you have to first grease a saucepan with oil or butter and set at medium heat. Add a serving of shepherd’s pie to the pan and mix in the mince as well as roughly chopped onion, carrot, and celery. One can add two tablespoons of water or stock to the mixture if needed in order to moisten it slightly.

Alternatively, you can full shepherd’s pie in a skillet. First, you need to sprinkle water over the ingredients. Cap with a cover and cook for approximately four minutes. You can use foil as your lid. 

Avoid overcooking as this might erase the flavors altogether. Furthermore, check every 2 minutes for doneness as leftovers will take longer to prepare than fresh-baked pies.

By Air Fryer

Heat the air-fried function in your appliance to about 300°F (equal to 150°C). Lay the basket of your fryer with a parchment layer. Alternatively, you can place the shepherd’s pie straight out of your refrigerator into a lightly greased loaf pan in a single layer. 

For instance, if you don’t have a loaf pan, you could go with a standard rectangular baking dish. Next, heat for 3-5 minutes for 1/4 frozen Shepherd’s Pie according to package instructions and then serve immediately.


There are many different materials you can line your pie dish with. You could opt for wax, foil, or even special dedicated baking paper. Using wax tends to be a lot messier than using foil, but it is necessary for certain situations. 

We recommend using foil or baking paper as they’re both very easy to clean and will keep your hands safe from burns while they’re baking.

Methods Of Storing Shepherd’s Pie

Leftover shepherd’s pie must be covered and placed in your refrigerator within half of a week. Leave your food to the normal temperature before placing it in an airtight jar before refrigerating. 

If using the dish that you are serving your meals out of, make sure it is covered with a plastic cover before placing it in the refrigerator. After you have added everything back into the meal later, make sure all ingredients are at normal temperature. 

If you don’t want a soggy mess on your hands but rather a nice fluffy bite-sized casserole, feel free to toss those mashed potatoes into a bowl with warm milk before stirring into your pie filling.


Can I Freeze Shepherd’s Pie And How To Do That?

Yes, you can. Shepherd’s pie can be frozen for up to 6 months. To keep your dish frozen, you need to cool it to normal temperature before transferring it into the container with an airtight or plastic cover and leave it in the bag for the freezer. Reheat every six months so that you can keep the pie in the best condition.

How Long Might A Shepherd’s Pie Last?

For a different storing method, you can have a different timeline for storing Shepherd’s Pie.

Specifically, you should never place cooked meat at the normal temperature for more than three hours. And once the pie is cooled, you can store your shepherd’s pie in the freezer right away.

If you leave the pie in the refrigerator, you can have it for about up to five days. Just remember to make sure that the pie is properly sealed and wrapped.

The shepherd’s pie can be in good condition in your freezer for up to half a year.

In whichever way, you should note that the longer you store, the less delicious the pie will be.

Some Last Words

Reheating shepherd’s pie can be tricky because it can often dry out and become unappetizing. We hope our writing has given you some ideas on the best ways to reheat-shepherds-pie. Hope you always have the best meal with your friends and family with the above knowledge. Cheer!

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