How To Microwave Hamburger Properly


Have you ever gone to a fast-food restaurant, tried a hamburger, and fallen in love with its taste? You want to make it at home but do not know how.

With a microwave, making a yummy hamburger is just a piece of cake. Without further ado, let’s microwave hamburger together.

Can You Microwave Hamburger?

Yes, absolutely! You can easily cook a microwaved hamburger to serve yourself or your family with just a few simple steps. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and the results are excellent.

Can You Microwave Hamburger?
It is possible to microwave hamburgers

Why Should You Microwave Hamburger?

Cooking a hamburger in a microwave is a great choice for those who are short on time or do not have a grill or stove on hand.

Besides, microwaving hamburgers is totally safe if you follow our instructions. You have to cook it at an appropriate temperature to destroy harmful bacteria within a 1 to 2 minutes interval, and then rotate it.

Moreover, a microwaved hamburger is considered to be healthier than eating one cooked by conventional methods, like in a restaurant.

The fat and grease will naturally drain away when the hamburger is microwaved. On top of that, you can control the ingredients of your hamburger and the portion size that fits you well.

Why Should You Microwave Hamburger?
Microwave hamburger is considered to be healthier than buying ready-to-eat one at a restaurant

Things Needed To Microwave Hamburger


You can choose your favorite meat, such as beef or chicken. 1 lb ground beef or turkey is enough for four people. A pinch of minced garlic is also necessary to bring out a wonderful flavor.

Salt and pepper add more substance to the microwaved hamburger, which is suitable for those who enjoy the natural taste of meat.

However, you have Worcestershire sauce as another option if you love this fermented condiment derived from the UK.

Things Needed To Microwave Hamburger
Beef is a favorite ingredient when talking about hamburger


You will definitely need a microwave to cook hamburgers. Using freezer bags, wax paper, and aluminum foil is also recommended.

Freezer bags are durable and hard to tear in the freezer, so they can help you store the meat in the fridge for a longer time, making them ready for a tempting hamburger.

As the way to microwave hamburger is divergent from normal practice, you should also prepare aluminum foil and cover the meat while cooking so it can be heated more evenly.

The function of wax paper is to keep water in and out. Thanks to this, our hamburgers will stay juicy and moist, and we will not be worried about greasy hands.

A patty press maker is also suggested. With this machine, you can ensure that the hamburgers are flattened out, and when microwaving, they will be well-cooked from the inside out.

Patty Press Maker is recommended for those making hamburgers at home
Patty Press Maker is recommended for those making hamburgers at home

How To Microwave Hamburger?

Firstly, you need to form the meat into a round and flatten patty by using a patty press maker, or if you do not have one, use a round plate to make it.

Then, you put the plate into the microwave. Use salt, pepper, minced garlic, or Worcestershire sauce to season the top of round meat, giving off a wonderful smell when opening the gadget.

Remember to cover the meat before setting it in a microwave with aluminum foil so it can be microwaved evenly. You can cook 3-4 pieces of them if they fit with the microwave-safe dish.

Next, please turn on the microwave, checking the temperature to ensure it is around 160 F degrees for beef and 165 F for turkey.

As the microwave temperature might be changed by wattage, you can use a digital meat thermometer to ensure it is at the right degree when cooking.

The time to microwave a hamburger takes from 45 seconds to 1 minute. When you hear the “ting” sound, take them out, flip them over, and continue cooking for another 45 seconds.

When the second “ting” sound goes off, the meat is cooked thoroughly and ready to eat.

Use potholders to get the plates of patties out of the microwave. Then, put the round meat pieces on wax paper to drain off fat and grease.

Now, it is time to make your hamburger even tastier with savory toppings.

Microwave hamburger only takes 1-2 minutes
Microwave hamburger only takes 1-2 minutes

Which Toppings Can Go Well With A Microwaved Hamburger?

The sky’s the limit! Toppings for microwaved hamburgers are very diverse, with an array of choices. A cheeseburger is right for you if you are keen on a cheesy flavor.

Putting the cheese on top of the patties that have just been cooked and taken out from the microwave, waiting for the heat from the hamburgers to melt it, the taste feels just right.

For those who love vegetables, salad, or other fruits, avocado, tomato, onions, or lettuce are ideal toppings.

The fresh flavor of fruits and the wonderful taste of patties will help eaters have a quick meal with essential nutrition.

Other popular choices are pickles, ketchup, mustard, and bacon. Each topping has its signature. For instance, go with the acrid mustard if you like a spicy hamburger.

However, several individuals would like to reduce the greasy taste of the hamburger, so pickles are their perfect choice.

There are different toppings going well with hamburger
There are different toppings going well with hamburger


Now you know how to microwave hamburger. It is simple and easy, with popular ingredients and devices everyone can find in their lovely kitchen.

Just ensure that you follow the above guidelines correctly so that the microwaved hamburger can be perfect and yummy as it should be. Good luck!