How To Reheat Fish And Chips In Four Simple Ways?


In the United Kingdom, French fries are a popular dish. It’s also one of the most popular meals that individuals eat. However, the way to reheat fish and chips at home is not always simple. 

If you already have leftovers, there are some methods to reheat these foods, so you taste just as nice as they did as if they were new. This article will show you precisely what to do precisely so that you may eat your favorite dish at home.


How To Reheat Fish And Chips

By Air Fryers

Another fantastic option is to use one air fryer. Moreover, it is one of the healthy approaches to reheating your food.

First, take them out of the refrigerator or freezer. Then, use your towels and dry them. Next, you can arrange your fish in a single layer in one fryer. You should coat all sides lightly with oil.

Heat them for 5 minutes on medium heat at around 320 degrees F. The next step is removing the fish from the fryer, flipping it over, and reheating for 4 minutes.

Now, you can take it out of the fryer. Inside the fryer, put your chips in a single layer. Remember to heat them in a pan for 5 minutes at 360°F. After 2-3 minutes, you need to shake and mix your chips. Finally, remove them from your fryer after they are thoroughly heated.

The only issue with reheating food in a fryer is that two separate settings must be used.

Applying high heat to reheat fish can cause it to become rubbery and chewy. However, raising the duration to over 5 minutes would make the chips crispier.

Another thing to consider is that your fryer is typically less handy when heating dishes for a large household. For instance, if you’re heating them for four people, you’ll most likely need to do it in batches.

How To Reheat Fish And Chips By Air Fryers

By Skillet

If you do not have one air fryer, reheating your foods in a pan will be the next smartest idea. This approach removes moisture and is suitable for heating small and large batches without resulting in a huge soggy mess.

Using one skillet is the same as deep frying them another time, but we use less oil. Your fish would be hot and juicy on the inside, whereas the crust would remain crispy.

First, thaw or defrost them ahead of time. Then, you need to heat a little amount of vegetable oil in a pan over medium heat. To begin, add your chips, then mix them around a little. 

While stirring, you should not shatter them. After 3 minutes, remove the chips and cook the fish for around 3 minutes in hot oil. Using one pair of tongs, turn it to its other side. Make sure to preserve the top intact. When every side is brown, please remove it from your skillet.

In An Oven

The best way to reheat them is in the oven. It enables water to evaporate while warming the food evenly.

First, you should preheat your oven to about 350 degrees F. Then, the aluminum foil should be used to line the baking sheet. Next, place them on a tray. If desired, coat your dish in oil. You can heat them for 15-20 minutes or until well warmed. 

During heating, you should examine the interior temperature to see whether it is 145 degrees F. Now, You may serve immediately and enjoy this tasty food.

How To Reheat Fish And Chips In An Oven

In A Microwave

Reheating your foods in your microwave should only be used as a last alternative. However, it may be the only option when you are in a rush or reheating leftovers in something like a college dorm or workplace break room.

Your warmed fish would be somewhat tastier if you used a contemporary microwave. You may also reheat the chips using the potato choice. The following are the procedures for reheating them in the microwave.

First, Allow your food to come to room temperature before patting with paper towels. Then place it on one plate that can be microwaved. Next,  reheat your microwave or select a lower thermal setting, then activate this for around 3 minutes. Remember to remove and replace it with the chips. You also should cook on low heat for up to three minutes.

This strategy produces the least pleasing outcomes when compared to others. Because microwave heating keeps food wet, your food would be mushy. Furthermore, increasing the duration of heat will result in overcooking your food.


What Are Other Ways To Reheat Fish And Chips?

Using The Broiler

You may also reheat leftovers under the broiler. Rather than injecting extra heat and liquid, this method relies on your oven’s temperature and even air circulation.

Using The Grill

To begin, preheat the oven to 350°F and switch on the grill mode. After that, line a baking sheet using foil. To reduce sticking, use cooking sprays or maybe another form of oil.

Once it’s warmed, place the tray under your grill and cook them until they’re blistering hot. Check them halfway through if you’re using smaller chips and thinly cut fish. Otherwise, your meal would soon be burned if you chose the grill setting.

Allow your food to cool for just a minute after they’re heated and crispy. Now they’ll be prepared to eat!


Which Is The Best Way?

For Chippy Chips

Deep or shallow frying the chippy chips would be the smartest method to reheat these. These two alternatives are the fastest and most effective ways to get them crispy!

The only disadvantage is that cooking them provides a little additional fat. When it relates to fish or chips, though, no matter what you make it, you may generally expect the greasiest lunch.

For Chippy Fish

Although heating in an oven takes longer than another method, it would be the best approach to get crispy, tasty fried fish. The best aspect is that no more oil is required. Cooking this in the microwave or oven alone will help bring back the deep-fried crispy feel!

Is Reheating Fish & Chips Safe?

Reheating leftovers is perfectly safe and offers no health hazards as they are refrigerated before reheating. All prepared and cold foods should be warmed until blazing hot (about 70°c).

Can You Freeze Leftover Chips And Fish?

You can freeze them. The easiest way to accomplish this is through flash freezing. If your quantity is too big, you can freeze chip shop fries is a great method to save them from going to waste.

How To Store Leftover Chips And Fish?

Keep your remaining foods in airtight containers for the finest quality. It is advisable not to keep them in a takeout box made of paper or plastic. When your fries reach room temperature, please place them in the refrigerator. Never leave leftovers out on the counter overnight.


When you reheat fish and chips, you should not use the microwave. As a result, the textures get soggy.

A classic English meal may be swiftly reheated in the broiler, air fryer, oven, or deep frying. You may reheat these foods separately to ensure consistent heating. Put everything back together again and eat while they’re still warm!

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