How To Reheat Falafel In The Right Way? All You Need To Know

Falafels are delicious when cooked fresh, but what if you want to enjoy them later in the day? This is where things get tricky, as it’s important to know how to reheat falafel in the right way to keep them as delicious as the day you bought them.


In this writing, we’ll be looking at the best ways to reheat falafels so you can enjoy a delicious meal at any time of the day. Let’s start.

Best Ways To Reheat Falafels

The first thing to keep in mind is that as tempting as it may be if you want the best product and optimal taste, you will never do your marketplace any good when producing an inferior product. 

But there is nothing worse than having a falafel from another establishment that has been soaked in oil when you bake them later at home either; nobody likes soggy fried foods, for instance. 

So we recommend finding a method of freezing them immediately away from too much exposure to light and avoiding putting them under direct heat lamps as they can become just as bad as soggy fried foods when exposed to direct heat.

Best Ways To Reheat Falafels

It’s important to let any frozen food slowly come back up to room temperature before reheating, or it might end up giving off a burnt smell which would ruin the whole experience of eating fire food fried by yourself at home!

While dried beans can remain safe for years if stored properly, bean-based dishes like falafel are perishable. The same rules apply to this recipe.

If you want to reheat them and eat them the next day, make sure not to overdo them by reheating more than once, as this may cause the falafels to spoil.

Falafels can be frozen for about three to six months and last for four or five days when stored in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that frozen falafels should not be consumed directly from the freezer because they end up being too stiff and dry once reheated. 

Here are some steps to follow.

In Oven

The oven might be the best method you can apply when heating falafel. For an evenly cooked and well-heated meal, use a moderately strong oven temperature of 350 degrees F.

reheat falafel In Oven

Also, to ensure that your falafel remains crispy on the outside but with a soft interior as well – flip them over halfway through cooking time! The middle heat this temperature provides will help cook falafel even more thoroughly than any other method.

We’re sure you don’t have to be told what the next step is if you are familiar with the preparation method. However, if you are a bit hazy, please let us remind you that you should have already measured out your ingredients and mixed them in the pan by this time. 

Allow at least 5-10 more minutes for everything to blend so that all of the ingredients become thoroughly integrated into each other fully.

Next, you need to wrap each falafel in aluminum and store them in the fridge until they’re ready to go into the oven.

The cooking time will depend on how big your falafel is. Smaller falafel will take 10 minutes, but larger ones may take 15 minutes and above to cook. Adjust the baking time according to their size. It would be best to turn them over in the middle of baking to get even cooking all around.

In Skillet

The pan is a slightly faster method for heating your falafels than the oven, but in this case, you may have to add oil as the pan doesn’t distribute heat directly, whereas this happens in the oven. If you haven’t used oil to fry your falafels earlier, adding more can affect their flavor.

To start, heat the oil in your pan, then add enough for your falafel. As you wait for the pan to heat and the oil to liquefy, chop the falafel into bite-sized pieces.

reheat falafel In Skillet

If any of them are too large, it’s best to make more appropriately sized pieces with a knife. When your oil is sufficiently heated and when you’re ready to fry your bites of falafel goodness, drop as many pieces as you can at one time without overcrowding your pan. 

You could start with just three or four until you gain enough confidence to cook them all at once. Fry on both sides until they become golden brown and fully cooked through before removing from the heat!


Can I Use The Microwave To Reheat Falafels?

Cooking falafel at home can be a challenge. As with any food containing a lot of oil, heating it in the microwave is not recommended as it will result in oxidization and reduced nutrition. 

To get around this route, it’s recommended to use an air fryer as it heats up faster while preserving falafel moisture and flavor. 

In case you don’t have an air fryer, placing a wet paper towel over the falafel when reheating them in the microwave for about 1-2 minutes should help make them moist enough so you won’t break your teeth on them!

How To Freeze A Cooked Falafel?

When it comes to freezing falafels, they are better off frozen in foil rather than a plastic bag. This is because when you freeze them on foil, they are easier to move around and sort of pick out one by one as needed when cooking. 

However, if you have leftovers that have already been baked, you will find that freezing them on wax paper or parchment paper then putting them in a freezer bag with either wax paper or parchment paper separating the pieces works just as well.

How Long Do Falafels Last?

It would be best if you always remembered to keep the falafel in the fridge after your meal, and it should always be well-protected and never out of its cool box as an edible treat. 

Nowadays, humans can live without food for a week if they have water to drink, so one will surely have their weekly dose of falafels after all.


Falafels are a healthy and delicious meal for all. They are full of fiber, protein, and iron and are best eaten hot. 

Discovering all the secrets around how to reheat falafels in the right way might make your reheating process simpler, and falafels taste like they were just freshly cooked. Hope you succeed! Cheer!

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