Top Chef Premiere!

Well, the time has come to start yet another season of Top Chef. Many fans are as excited as us chefs to see the whole show put together. We certainly had a good time filming. It is always fun to get together with my good chef friends and cook for prizes. I look forward to the show and will be watching along with you and will post some thoughts each week.

Things are good with me and there are many project in the works. Brownstone is open in Texas and we will begin to look for a second location. We hope to have many Brownstone’s all over the south! We received two 4 star reviews and were named one of Dallas Fort Worth’s Top Ten restaurants of 2010! The food is great and we are having a good time representing what is local and seasonal and tasty for our region. I will soon be heading back to the Bay Area to work on a few new things and will continue my travels with Moet-Hennessey and Terrazas wines! We have been all over touring, teaching and talking about Argentina! I have been in Florida, California, Chicago, New York, Connecticut, Arizona, New Jersey and Wisconsin! And we are soon to be in Texas! We featured in Bon Apetite, Food and Wine and Wine Spectator magazines. We have seen Food and Wine events and casinos and culinary schools with so many nice people, I wish I could name them all!

As we begin the Christmas season, I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season! Stay warm, eat well and be merry!

See you on Bravo, tonight!

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