Here is my next subject…

Sustainablilty. Seasonality. Renewability.  Well, that’s 3 subjects really, but it is a serious subject that I have really focused on in my cooking. One thing I realize is that what’s in season for one place may not be in season for another. It is interesting that what I find in my markets, might not hit the other side of the nation’s markets for a few more weeks or even months. I am in a search of the answers to the many questions I have and I want to share my searches with you.

This is heavy stuff. But, I am bothered by not having the answers of food controversies. I think the first place to start is to begin to understand how the global food system really works. I have vowed to myself to understand and make sense of it. I began by joining the Food Alliance.

Stay tuned for information as I begin my quest.