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No Knead Bread!!!

If you can recall, there is a limited amount of bread and pastry making on Top Chef. It is not that we do not enjoy eating, using, and cooking them of course. Quite honestly, there isn’t really time to bake bread. But, of course, I serve it in my restaurant. I LOVE bread. The biggest problem I see with baking bread at home is the kneading, the proofing, the waiting. I like the idea of wanting fresh baked bread and actually getting to eat it in the next couple of hours. So, if you are wondering if this is a recipe that will allow you to make bread and it in an hour or two, you are mistaken. Bread is about patience. If you want quick bread, eat ...

Old Family Recipes

Is it me? Or did this past week’s show play a love/hate role with me? I was on the edge of my seat and I know what happens! At the end, I couldn’t tell what in the hell was about to transpire. The chef’s families commenting and the judges in love with everything as if they were at a war time peace rally- or better yet, Woodstock!

Target! My Favorite!

Okay, first of all, let me begin by saying that IF I had known that we would be 1) baking cookies for Sesame Street favs and 2)going on a shopping spree at Target..! I would have tried a little harder on Top Chef! I would have grown the food I was making to win! Are you KIDDING ME!?

Flamiche! Quiche Aux Poireaux

What am I eating right now? What is going on right now? I will tell you. The seasons are about to change and that makes me look to food to inspire me. Dinner last night was Dungeness Crab- one of the most sustainable seafoods that we can eat right now. And, not to mention they are delicious! Thai coconut soup and a spicy salad of cilantro, cucumber, hot chiles, ginger, and lemongrass. Key ingredient? Lot’s of fish sauce. I am in love. In love with food! I did an event this past week in Pebble Beach for the ProAm with Jamie Lauren. It was fun hanging out with other chefs in the Monterey area. They are very talented and cook lots of local ingredi...

Restaurant Wars

This week was a trip! I enjoyed every minute of this week’s episode. The Quickfire was my favorite to date! From what I understand, and from reading his book “Medium Raw”, that Bourdain himself helped create that Quickfire challenge. I think it shows a great deal of skill- because Le Bernardin is INCREDIBLE and because every chef should know how to filet fish with minimal waste.

Brownstone is in the Top Ten New Restaurants in Texas!

Check us out in Dallas News, ranked in the Top Ten New Restaurants in Texas! Read the full article here! Here is a link to the Brownstone Website. Come on by! C

Article: “Top Chef’s Casey: My Dish Wasn’t Inedible”

Gina DiNunno did an interview with me over at TVGuide.com. She asked me a few questions on my last episode of Top Chef All Stars. Take a peek. C

Ocean Trout, Black Rice, and Persimmon

Chicken Little- Feet

Happy New Year!! Yep, it happened. I can’t really believe it. (Laughing) I don’t even have that many words. I expressed just about as many sentiments as I have on the closing of the show. I have never been eliminated before! My current emotions are as fresh as the moment Padma said my name.

Vegetable Garden